Is this the Beginning of Iron Deficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by BadlyDrawnBoy, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Plant is about 17 days. DWC, feeding advanced n. ph perfect (seedling strength currently). 300w led, 18 inches above plant. Temps around 75 on plant, 73 in dwc. Using hydroguard.

    Ph is high, but I'm taking advice from others and info i've read online to not mess with the ph when using ph perfect. So seeing how that goes. But want to catch anything before it gets bad. I can adjust ph, not a big deal to take it down to 5.2 and let it rise back up to 6.5, but i've read and heard that messing with ph when using ph perfect will destabilize the mix. Though...I've also read that using tap(well) water will also destabilize the mix, which I'm using, so it may not mater anyway if i adjust the ph. But anyway, I was trying to not adjust ph and let the ph perfect chelation do it's thing.

    I thought possibly it was an iron deficiency starting, since that is likely when the ph is high. Hard to tell though, it's obviously very early onset, if any.
  2. I'm thinking that you should bump up the nutes
  3. Yup, did that yesterday and adjusted the ph to proper levels. Plant is looking a lot better :)

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