Is this the Aloe I’ve been reading about?

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  1. I’ve been reading a lot on how Aloe Vera is good from a foiler spray to a root drench. Is this what there talking about? It says it’s 100% pure organic aloe from cold press extraction method. My wife uses it to make a hand and body scrub. Anyone use it on their girls? I’ve read it even combats powdery mildew?

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  2. Don't know much about that, but many use it for cloning... But you really can't believe anything the bottle says.. 95% of businesses claim it's aloe gel, but it's not..
  3. I've got a half dozen huge mature clusters growing in my outdoor garden and occasionally juice a few fronds to add as a drench but haven't really scheduled how often I should consider doing so.
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  4. This is my 8 year old indoor aloe, I've given a couple pups away and still have a bunch more.. time to transplant into a larger pot again.
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  5. Aloe contains salicylic acids which is a natural growth hormone. It works well as a organic cloning solution without the chemical PGRs. Use it as a soil drench as often as you like for explosive root growth :thumbsup:
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