Is this tent big enough for 3 plants?

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  2. It would help it you added the tent so we know what you're talking about.
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    If 3 plants is a tight squeeze in the tent your thinking of then a 600w light will for sure be to much for it as well..
  4. 2'x4'x5 ft. high will fit 3 plants. I'd suggest topping and LST to make them bushier because otherwise the height could become a problem. 2x4 you could fit 3 with no problem. Really you could probably fit a couple more if you wanted. I wouldn't go over 4 or maybe 5 though. I have a 3x3 area right now, with a 1000W and it's tight, but I could fit another as well. 3 would work very good, and 4 would still be good as well.

  5. As long as you get good fans and ventilation it can be done. Like I said I have a 3x3x7 area (1000W divided by 63 cubic ft = almost 15.87W per cubic ft.), that area is 2x4x5 (600W divided by 40 cubic ft. = 15W per cubic ft.) Just saying its close, so it can be done, but heat will be a problem if you don't take care of it right. Probably want a high CFM outtake fan as well as as lower CFM cold air intake fan. Especially if you plan to keep it enclosed. Bigger lights are better as long as you can keep the heat in check.
  6. It depends on your plants genetics and your grow conditions. 2 of my nyc diesels would be a tight fit.
  7. Indica strains shouldnt be a problem.
  8. What they said..3 would be good and lst them into a nice bush before flowering..also rotating them is good so they all get some time in the bright spot under the bulb
  9. Lets also keep in mind more plants will fight for space. I have a medical grow 5x5x5 flowering and just 1 plant. She is large and in charge, grown from seed. The net helps her support the branches that have space to wonder and grow. The other tent a 4x4x4 is the veggie and has 2 large mothers space is tight for them. It's a trade off as well. More verity = less overall end result in my trials. They behave so free and seem to really love the space and additional fresh air. The end result is what really matters. The dry super buds.
    I know my girls are spoiled and few, but it's enough for the medicine it provides. It is very strong.
    I am using 1 360w mh conversion in flower
    And 3 cfl 125 blue 5u & 2 UFO's hovering over each lady.
    The results are amazing so far.
    No more $ at the pharmacy. Savings and natural healing.

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