Is this supposed to happen

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  1. Hi,
    this is my first grow. My lights are not very powerfull but things seem to have gone ok.
    Just lately the leaves on my plant which is furthest along are starting to wilt and turn brown they seem really dry.
    Is this normal anyone know what i should do?
    I'll post some more picks to show an over view of my plants

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  2. 4 plants in my wardrobe

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  3. Been flowering for a couple of weeks
    What light cycle is best for fast flower unfortunately time is a factor.

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  4. high there! as i see, the yellowing of leaves could be normal at the stage your plant is, and there will be more as she reaches her full maturity. as for time, i guess all u can do is harvest earlier, because the maturity is a quality of each plant, and i dont think u can make it happen faster.what strain are u growing? . dont pull off the yellow leaves (i dont, i just let them fall off when they're dead)
  5. looks to me to be overfertilizing and not enough light.
  6. Umm i'm not exactly sure which strain. They were just some seeds i had lying around (in New Zealand) and I thought I'd try my hand at growing them. Even if i don't get a bumper crop god-damn i had fun growing the stuff.
    I have been cutting down the fertiliser but they probably did get to much and well my lights are fluroesent energy saving bulbs, not really sufficent.
    Hopefully i'll learn from my mistakes next time

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