Is This Supposed To Happen?

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  1. Hey

    I got this a week ago today and i was claiming a tree and fucked it up a little bit. Is the shit supposed to peel like that?

    Thank you thank you thank

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    Yup. You should have seen mine when it was healing. I have very, very dry skin and it was on my hand. It was flakey as shit. And what the hell are two green rectangles supposed to be? and you shouldnt do something like climb a tree with fresh ink.

    Edit/ Oh wow i must need to sleep... if that all happened because of it scraping up against the tree. Not good maybe. You definetly pulled some of the ink out. You will definetly need a good touch up. But there may be some scarring.

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  3. Flat patches like that to some extreme peeling in the days after. Hopefully this has nothing to do with the tree, or else, yea, you're probably going to have some scarring and you'll need some touch ups.
  4. You can expect to go back in a month or so for some serious touch up work.

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