Is this stupid?

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  1. So a few months ago I bought an acrylic bong so I could carry it around in public. But the thing is, its not very small. Its 17 inches. I pretty much take it everywhere I go in my backpack, and I don't have a car to hide it in. Is this stupid that I do this? Do you think I will get caught eventually?

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  2. Very stupid. When you are walking down the street YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS.

    There is no such thing, in most places, as refusing a police officer's request to frisk you/search your belongings. You're walking around with that thing probably full of resin. It's a misdemeanor. Plus you are walking around with the same backpack everywhere you take it? The police take note of things like that (just walking around with a backpack on all the time, regardless of time of day.) I would leave it at your house and use it by yourself. Don't risk your freedom so others can smoke, that's ridiculous.
  3. Very stupid.
    Carry a fucking bowl or something.
  4. ^Agreed 100%. I'm sorry man, I'm sure the idea seemed cool at the time (Heck, who wouldn't carry their daily driver on them if they could get away with it?) but Smokey is right, it's very suspicious, not to mention I would think your backpack would start to get mighty smelly.
  5. It's not smart, seriously. Start to carry a bowl or joints.
  6. If it was smart.. would you really be asking such a question?
  7. Yeah I know it's stupid but I think I'm willing to take the risk because the hits are much smoother and its not like I'm making it super obvious, you can hardly even tell that there's a bong in the backpack. Plus I use body spray on the backpack and I'm not giving police a reason to stop me so why should I worry. I've been successful so far and I usually can't smoke at home in the day because my parent are completely against it. I agree it is stupid but most of the spots I go to are either a friends house or a spot where cops either can't or never will go to. The backpack is just to get it from point A to B. It's not like I go shopping with a bong in my backpack.
  8. If you weren't going to take these blade's advice, then why ask? :rolleyes:

    It's a bad idea however you slice it, plus body spray?
    Nothing says suspicious like the kid with a backpack that wreaks of Axe..

    "I've been successful so far" is hardly a valid point, prison is full of people who said to themselves, "I've been successful so far."

    We're just looking out for you, personally, I try and never travel with anything incriminating if I can help it.
  9. ^^
    Then why the fuck are you asking us?

  10. Don't ask for opinions if all you're going to do is rebuttle.

    You make horrible arguments. "Plus I use body spray on the backpack.....a spot where cops either can't or never will go...."

    You sound like an immature 13 year old that knows absolutely nothing. "It's not like I go shopping with the bong in my backpack." Don't come here asking for an opinion and then catch an attitude. :rolleyes:
  11. I'm looking for opinions because nobody in my area makes a big deal of it and I know people who do the same thing. I mean if I'm gonna carry a pipe and weed, The charges are the same for a bong and weed. I'm also not covering my backpack with axe, just enough to hide the smell. Also most cops in my area don't give a shit as long as we're not causing trouble to others, which I'm not. It's also not like I'm walking through police station or open school with this. I live in Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA so if anybody lives or has even been here they would know that everybody looks like a stoner here. People smoke joints on the board walk in mid day. But originally, I just wanted to see if other people had done this and their experiences but I guess I kinda mis-worded it.
  12. Who currs, sometimes I carry 3 bongs. 2 glass, 1 acrylic. Just incase, knuhwutImean.
  13. Only way to get around this little mishap is to put a lock on your backpack between the zipper ends. Then they legally have to get a search warrant to even touch you, which if you know your rights you shouldn't have a problem with this anyways. Only downfall to this is the the police DO take note of that sort of thing and will make them curious.
  14. Dude forget the backpack, just walk around with that thing in your hand. FUCK DA POLICE!
  15. I carry ALL of my weed gear in my bag. If I have the bag, no doubt I'll have something weed related in there. I don't dress like the type to get searched, and I don't. :smoke:

  16. Sorry but have to ask how old you are

    If you're over 18 & live in San Diego just pay the $40 or $50 & get a MMJ referral
    That way you don't have to worry about it
    Find something a little more portable
    Come on a 17in. bong
    What U B Thinking
  17. youre carrying a foot and a half bong with you in your backpack and asking if its a stupid idea?

    nope. please, continue. oh, and don't breed btw
  18. [quote name='"AdamSheva"']I carry ALL of my weed gear in my bag. If I have the bag, no doubt I'll have something weed related in there. I don't dress like the type to get searched, and I don't. :smoke:[/quote]

    Same here. If I have my backpack I will at least have a lighter and a container.
  19. i carry a volcano vape with me errywhere
  20. It doesn't seem like a good idea, I have my med card so obviously the rules are different for me, but I still wouldn't even do that, I just keep a couple blunts in my ash tray in my car at all times, if I were you I would just get a hard plastic cigarette case and just fill it with joints, that what I do like every couple weeks as well.

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