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Discussion in 'General' started by YocksterFP, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Hey, I was just wondering what a smoke stone is used for. I guess some people call 'em smoking stones. A friend ordered me a kit (I haven't received yet) that has one in it, along with pipes and other stuff. What do you do with it? We couldn't figure it out from the pic...Thanks and later days -
  2. i dont know what it is eather...sorry..i would also like to know what it is..peace..MrSbb
  3. id almost betcha a dollar its a hiding place for your stash?....
    sounds like it
    never heard of a smokin stone
    or maybe its like one of those pet rocks only its got squinty red eyes?

  4. If you are talking about what I think you are, then we call it a toke stone here. I have a cool glass one that has a small hole in one end and a larger one in the other to accomadate different size joints. I just put my joint in it, hit it from the opposite side and burn it down until it's gone. It's easy to pass, the colors change and it's just cool to use.
  5. hey that sounds cool as crap.
    i never heard of one before,sound handy
    spose ill have to my own squinty eyed pet stone.

  6. yeah, we had one of those. ours was marble. you put the joint in one end, and toke from the other. it was great for a group (less slobbery joints), or really resiny pot. later you can scrap it and smoke the resin. it was a good tool - that's why some asshole stole it. then some other asshole stole my fave glass pipe. life is so cruel
  7. Smokin' stones are pretty cool. Some times it's a bitch to get the roach out of the stone though.

    (Im' an american, so roach means somethin' different to me I think)

    If you blow it out while it's still hot you'll have better luck. Otherwise you'll have to dig it out or smoke it all the way.

    Means you don't need a clip and it's easier to pass too.

  8. sounds like you need some new smoking buddies. :D
    an i owe someone a dollar.

  9. woah that sounds like a nifty handy thing to have if you're an avid joint-smoker (like me)... sometimes i just want to burn it all the way down but burn my fingers instead! o_O

    i wonder: where does one find such a thing? i was going to get one of those classy-looking cigarette holders, so i can look cool and smoke 'em down at the same time but this might be more functionable?

  10. I agree, Budburner, a roach is a different thing for us. Just open up a paper clip all the way and poke the roach out with it.
  11. Hey Ganjaphish. Good morning, girl!

    I got my favorite one down at the tobacco store, they sell bongs and pipes and stuff at some of the ones around here although a head shop should have them.
  12. I just recieved a 13 pound block of soapstone from an ebay seller..... I'm thinking of things to make out of it. A smoking stone would be easy and fun.

    But damn this soapstone is harder than any other I've ever carved. (beautiful tan gray blue tints though) I'm still hacking away trying to get a chunk off to carve a pipe.

    I think it's time to bust out the power tools.

    But pretty much any head-shop will have smoking stones. They aren't too much money either.

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