Is this stealth grow possible?

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  1. I found a room under my stairs that no one knows about. There is an electrical outlet there to use a HPS light. I was going to hollow out 3 or 4 rubbermaid bins to hide and. Would It be possible for them to grow in the containers with the HPS lights. What amount of light would I need, and what would be a good odor controller?
  2. you would have to coat the rubbermaid boxes with either 5 layers of white paint, tape aluminum foil to the inside, or just buy aluminum for odor control, look for some ona gel, its pretty cheap and works well
    PS: im doing a grow very similar to yours
  3. Can You give any other advice like water/growing time/ your method, I.E.

  4. No problem; I water them every 3-4 days, but before it sprouted, i only watered it once a week. The growing time depends really on the strain but roughly it should take 8-9- or 10 weeks to be ready for harvest. +/- again, depending on the strain. And if your space is limited, look into SCRoging or LSTing. Hope i helped:wave:
  5. Thanks again, last question what is SCRoging or LSTing it?
  6. Scroging=SCReen of Green...its in a couple of stickies in this thread, but ill try to tell you what it is anyways. it is a screen that most people use if they are growing in a confined space. The weed grows up through the screen and you adjust the branches and leaves under the screen how YOU want it to grow...its pretty great, and i am using it. LSTing is (low stress training) is where you simply tie the main stem down into a "u" shape, to keep it smaller. typically, you will have larger yields with scrog, but lst is more space effecient
  7. Sounds Good, Any other suggestions from anyone
  8. Don't use aluminum foil, it's not very reflective compared to plain white paint or mylar. If you want to maximize reflectivity, go out and grab some mylar or an emergency blanket.
  9. I would not use a HPS inside rubbermaid bins, too hot.

    And how is it that a room exists in a house that no one knows about? Someone has to know -- who owns the house? I would not count on that room remaining "undiscovered."
  10. What would be good lights to use inside a rubber maid bins, and what the different effects of different level HPS lights?

  11. Toasty is it me or have I read this entire scenario before? I think we need to talk to the mods about making a sticky on UNDISCOVERED ROOMS IN HOUSE. No room is undiscovered. I'm guessing you have a crawl space that no one is using. I have two areas under different stair cases that sit empty (except my kids keep their toys in one and beach toys in another).

    I say that because I'm a parent and know EVERY inch of my house. I say that because if you are growing in your parents home or someone else's owned home I'm sure someone knows about it or will discover it as you enter it daily to check on your plants and tending to them.

    So first please don't grow in someone elses house if they do not know.

    Second, assuming its your own place and you just went on an adventure, the rubbermaid box works from what I read around GC and such; but just get a grow tent and add a simple carbon scrubber as found on the DIY section here in GC and you'll be set. Do not cut cost on nice lighting and a good power supply. And remember ventilation and circulation in the grow area.

    Good luck and be safe and smart!
  12. if you mean grow a hydro set up give er, but you can't but a hps INSIDE rubbermaids unless you want to burn the house down. CFL's would work

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