Is This Stealing in your Eyes?

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  1. Okay, so last year on the last day of school I was in the locker room smoking a blunt with my friend Murphy (the shower room isn't used and barricaded off by a bunch of sports' equipment and mad big door with an easily picked lock) and once we finished we went and got changed into our gym clothes. In our locker room there are the small 1 square foot lockers with locks on them for your clothes and valuables and shit. The other lockers are tall lockers meant for jackets and shit with no locks on them at all. While I was getting changed, I went to go put my 'smoking jacket' as I call it into the tall locker and noticed a wallet on the floor of the tall locker. I look into the wallet and there's 2 fifty dollar bills in it. I decided that this money was MINE. There was no school ID in the locker so I couldn't find out whose it was but instead I put a little note in the wallet saying 'I got your money, my locker # is 405" That was my actual locker number so the next day I expected to have a kid come up to me and ask me for the money back. He never came and I waited 3 more days before deciding to spend it on a quarter ounce of some dank shit. The kid walked up to me and called me a thief who's right?
  2. tricky one lol did he give u a reason for not showing up for the three days cause if he was there then i mean if i didnt no him id be like sorry i used it an i gave u time..... and u should tell him it wasnt in the locker so it makes it sound better lol like u really found it
  3. Hmmm, well, its obviously stealing, but weither or not its wrong can be debated. I think it was good of you to leave a note. That sucks that the kid probably just couldnt find it till after you spent the money. You probably could have waited a little longer before you spent it. The least you could do is smoke him up
  4. You found a random wallet and took money out of it, I'd classify that under stealing lol

    So, 3 days after the last day of school someone came up to you? You'll have to elaborate on that. However, some random kid could have just stumbled upon the wallet just like you and tried to claim the money from you; did he offer any proof that it was his wallet and money?
  5. so you waited at your locker for him 3 days after the last day of school? interesting.
  6. meh. way to bring a hundred bucks to school on the last day
  7. You didnt break into his shit or try to be sneaky, you left a note. But, I'd say it's not stealing just because
    1) the kid wasnt paying attention to his shit, if i had 100+$ on me i'd make sure to know where my fucking wallet is at all times
    2) he didnt have his ID in there or anything, someone else could have found the wallet and seen your note, then tries to scam the money from you
    3) no name on the wallet, id in the wallet, someone is stupid and should use this as a lesson learned

    If you feel bad about it then repay him, if you cant do that or don't want to then don't. He wasn't taking care of his shit so maybe now he'll be more aware of his shit.
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    easy one.

    Thief: a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it

    you're a thief.

    you took somethign that wasn't yours to begin with. you should have taken it to the office or something and reported it. It's not your place to "teach anyone a lesson". It's your place to do the right thing and turn it in whether it be to the cops or whoever. What if that was this kid's birthday money or his money to by his grandmother something for her anniversary or some shit???

    you, sir, are a thief.


    Also, for the record; stealing: In the criminal law, theft (also known as stealing) is the illegal taking of another person's property without that person's freely-given consent.

    all one in the same.
  9. did u just take the money out of it,

    or did you take the whole wallet?

    because one is right, and one isnt. . .

  10. q f t !
  11. while true that if you dont watch your shit you can lose it,

    this isnt a black and white issue as some of you think,

    instead of acting like an oppurtunavore,
    exercise a little moral fiber next time
  12. I guess it could be considered stealing, but imo you did the right thing. If you didn't take it, some other kid would have found it and taken it within like 10 minutes.

    There's no way the money would have made it back to the righful owner unless you did what you did. It's his problem he didn't show up to ur locker for 3 days. (dont know how you were gonna meet him at your locker 3 days after schools out lol, im guessing thats a typo)
  13. Meh, you gave the kid time! People should be more careful with their wallets! Plus, you should always keep I.D. in your wallet if you want your money back. I don't think it's stealing. You just wanted to give the bills a nice warm home. Get them back in the market! :D
  14. Summer school... Half of my school is involved in it. And the kid didn't approach me at my locker, he found out it was me through someone else. I actually JUST fought him around 2 hours ago and it was basically a tie... Multiple cuts and bruises on both of us. Go to and type in Old Bridge High School and you'll know where I'm coming from
  15. I don't need a wallet so I only took the shit of value out of it which was just the money
  16. hah id say your actions (taking the 100 bucks) is consistent with thievery, ya in that regard you are a thief, but i guess this is a special circumstance, and you did give a place to reach you, but you still took the money.
  17. damn your school sounds fun and like 60's dont give a fuck style. lol
  18. you did the kid a favor you took the money left a note saying how to find you. if you didnt do this someone else would have found the wallet and most likely stole which case the person who claims it being their wallet is probably the thief that found the wallet with intent to get money and was pissed that it was taken and took a few days to realize he could try and scam you :hello:

    if you feel bad turn the money into the school im sure the kid reported his wallet missing with 100 bucks in it. truth is tho he didnt even have his id in their...obviously careless :smoking:
  19. lol hilarious!! damm kids.. :p i give you credit for waiting a few days after that i dunno.... but its a funny story:smoking: kicking his ass would have been a better ending though "ha, i stole your money and kicked your ass, how you like me know?"
  20. I'd be on your side if you had left your name/phone number. Leaving your locker # seems like it was your way to help ensure you'd get to keep $100.

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