Is This Spider Mites?

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  1. Pretty disapointed today to see that my plants have white specs on one of the leaves;
  2. Def look like it from here, look underside the leaf youll see them moving around on there and small eggs.
  3. Whats the cheapest solution?
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    I've never experienced the problem myself, but in a video I was watching said spay under the leaves with cold water.

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  5. That neem in the link is human grade and probably more expensive. Look for neem oil used for gardening.
  6. I myself used a couple of drop of dish washing soap in a spray bottle got rid of all of them.

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  7. Might aswell give it a try, its cheap anyway :)
  8. i just bought some fungicide<sup>3 </sup> from walmart to try. Suppose to help and has neem in it. All organic + cheap concentrate
  9. unpressed cold neem oil, theres countless products for mites
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  10. i just put a bunch of ladybugs in my garden my plants love it
  11. they dont look like the spider mites i have had... if you look closely at the underside of the leaves you'll see the little black fuckers, they are v small so have to look close. once they are well established they'll cover your plants with a web.
    hard to get rid of indoors..i closed my op down coz of them. but you can buy predators that eat them if you wish to battle through it. lady birds are available in season.
  12. From what I can see from the picture , they look like spider mites , and also your surrounding around your plant doesn't look to good as your plants are very close to other plants , which has probably helped them spread , if I was you I would consider cutting a small area around , but obviously so it's not bait , also move everything on the floor away and place them back so your area is nice and clean , this will help stop them coming back when you get rid of them (if you do) , also CHECK other plants , I heard somewhere spraying them with milk diluted in water but I can't remember if this was for spider mites so do some research first ! , anyway good luck !
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    I had the same problem until an army of mantis moved in, now I can see the mantis grow as the plants* grows, they made it home :D its really cool*
  14. its called miticide don't waist your time with neem and all the other hocus pocus. Miticide is illegal in some states but you can order it online and ship it to your house. Use a mask cause if u inhale it u run the risk of getting testicullar cancer. but i was infested with mites sprayed last tuesday by friday i was mite free and it works for 30 days.
  15. Doesn't sound very organic Holmes.

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  16. organocide works well for mites.
    They sell it at HD for 15 dollars.

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