Is this something to be worried about?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bantos44, Mar 24, 2010.

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    pics 1-3 are just some leaves kinda like curling up. on pic 3 thats not yellow its the lights reflection.

    on pic 4 this is the only leaf on the entire gal that has this?

    should I be concerned?

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  2. ya thats a problem. what have you been feeding them? whats your set up?
  3. Not knowing what you are feeding them if anything or anything else right now i am going to take a wild stab at it and just assume its becuase it is to hot in your room. What are the temps usualy like in their? Leaves tend to get harder, almost crispey feeling, they bend downward and flop down like that when they are trying to spread heat off of them. Leaves will also do this when its to cold, they will fold inward and try to collect heat. Your leaves are getting brown like that and look like they would feel hard becuase they are getting cooked with the temps being to high.
    It could very easily also be a nute problem but ill throw the heat issue out first.
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    Right now the temp is 79degrees w/40humidity and at its high point it is 84degrees. but you are absolutely right about the temp. It was 88 in there one morning and they were wilting like crazy. I immediately removed the panda film and got my temps back from 78-84.

    Do I need to cut any of those leaves off or will they get back to normal since temps are within range now?


  5. Need help with this, as leaves just dont look any better or worse.

  6. brown dead spots wont turn back green but the lightgreen stuff will darken up after a bit

  7. thanks, they are mostly lightgreen so I guess I will wait it out:hello:

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