Is this soil good?

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  1. Hey guys. I have 9 different strained seeds arriving soon, and I need to start getting my soil. So for my current grows, I am using normal, boring potting soil. Now for my new grow, I want to try and use different soil and see if it helps the plant grow better and give me bigger yields. So now I found this: Promix Coco-Perlite 90%-10% - Online Hydroponics Shop

    Whatcha guys think? I'm also going to by Leca from them (Leca - Online Hydroponics Shop)

    Will that soil be good enough?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Pro mix is good stuff. Those expanded clay pellets are ok. I seem to remember something about the pellets hold on to some kinds of heavy metals that are in some nutrients. Maybe not the best choice.
    Both are not soil. Both are soilless mediums. You can mix them together along with compost, worm castings, etc. That will make a nice soil.
    Used alone, they are void of nutrient value. The pro mix has a very good microbial inoculation. So when mixed into an organic super soil, it provides a great microbial base.
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