is this smart yes or no

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  1. ok wat i do now is after i toke a bowl i save the ash/resin and then when im dry i get all my ash and resin, put it together, and get high off it. smart or not yes or no
  2. personal preferance really. The resin in a pipe does still contain thc and will get you high, but its a little harsher on the lungs but we have all been out of weed at one point and it will get you through until you pick up some more green.
  3. its an extra high, so its whatever . somepeople dnt like resin hits, some do.
  4. Resin can get you high, ash will not. So yes and no I guess
  5. ok thanks guys
  6. Resin yes, ash no, also save your stems and cook with them!
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    I cannot stress the importance of saving stems. You're saving trichomes for some qwiso or some edibles! And everytime you're with friends rolling shit up just ask them for the stems cuz they'll be throwing them out anyway. When you buy a sack, clean your pot and save the stems. You'll be surprised how many add up. When you have a whole spice jar full you'll get a nice bunch of qwiso.

    I personally hate resin and find the buzz is only a tease.
  8. i save my stems and make bowls out of them
  9. yuck, tastes like burning wood:confused_2:
  10. ya, its not tasty, but its tolerable and gets you high so...
  11. You save ash?:eek:

    Resin is fine though, go for it.
  12. i just pour watever is left in the bowl into this container and chill
  13. Ash....and resin wow just wait till you get some weed
  14. Eh. It really changes from person to person. If you like doing it, then by all means, do.

    When I clean my peices, if I feel like it, sometimes I'll scrape it all up and hotknife it. It just depends on what's going on. Some of my friends smoke resin all the time beacuse they don't have the money to buy weed all the time. Others despise smoking resin, and wouldn't smoke it if the world ran out of weed. Basically it's just up to you.
  15. Okay....resin, yeah resin works.

    Ash will not work since that's spent material, so don't collect it lol.

    Stems, don't smoke them. It does not get you high, trust me. You may think it does, but in all honesty smoking a bowl of stems will not produce or even have enough THC on them to start with to get you a noticeable buzz. Even if they're the dankiest frostiest stems in the world. I mean I dunno maybe if your tolerance was pretty much nonexistent it might. Sorry bud. :confused_2:

    Now I've smoked resin before and have been known to during dry times. Not a bother to me. I'm not gonna smoke a bowl of stems and ash because it won't do anything to me other than irritate my throat and deprive me of oxygen.
  16. dude ive smoked stems like they really do get you high im 100% sure

  17. Nah man. Stems really dont get you high. Thats probably not a good idea but saving resin is fine, but ash is kinda nasty.
  18. You must have a very low tolerance to THC, Smoking stems gives me a headache and taste like im smoking wood. What ever works for you though. My suggestion is to go with the QWISO method using your stems. Also, smoking ash will do nothing. Resin is nice for a rainy day, but other than that it doesn't do much for me.
  19. I think you are under 18 by the way you talk. I laso think when the bowl is cashed you just dump everything in a jar. Thats fucking gross. Just dump evrything out of the bowl, and scrape the tar like substance off. Find a paper clip, and clean out the inside through the carb and shit. Hope this is some help. You just sounds noobish to smoking. Didn't mean to be a asshole. :smoking:.
  20. Be careful smoking that gave me a nasty lung infection. :(

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