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Is this small?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Ashlyn, May 5, 2011.

  1. Split a half sack with my friend, I bought $15 and she bought $10. We went through a middleman, and he swears that it weighed (I think he said 1.5) when the dealer bagged it.

    This picture was after I kinda broke up the huge nug it was (just my $15 worth), and minus one little bowl that we smoked earlier. There's a penny next to it. It's SOOO sticky and skunk, and seems like pretty good stuff. But I've gotten hooked up so much more before. In fact, my usual dealer was the one who put in the other $10, and she said that she'd normally sell that for $5 to $10 (but her stuff isn't usually dank).
    Anyways, just wondering if I'm getting spoiled or if this is actually small.
  2. Get a scale for $20(or so) and you will not have any doubts in the future.
    P.S.Where is the pic?
  3. You did not get shorted if you were breaking up a huge nug
  4. For some reason the picture didn't upload. Working on it right now.
  5. hey man, i'd love to help you out but there isn't a picture anywhere lol btw RO76 is right, check on Ebay for a decent scale. It will run you between 15-20$ probably with free shipping.. will save you lots of stress in the future i assure you
  6. Damn 1.5 Fer 25? No Es bueno

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