Is this slow growth?

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  1. I'm going on a full month since I germinated the seeds, so around 3 weeks of veg. This is where I am. Are they growing really slow or is it just me worrying too much, since it is my first grow? Thanks


  2. Looks fine to me. Just very indica heavy and short

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  3. Definitely an indica. The seeds were giving to me from a friend who saves bag seeds, so I have no idea what the strain is. I'm just waiting on them to explode in growth!
  4. I am as guilty as anyone here of offering pics under the Blurple Sun; makes it difficult to judge.
    IMG_20170804_071509.jpg IMG_20170804_071617.jpg
    The first two are under a 90 watt UFO at about two weeks in while the second pic is under a 300 full spectrum that are a little under a month for the lesser and a litttle shy of two for the elder.
  5. Can you show me your scrog setup and how it was made it looks real good
  6. So I guess I'm worrying too much. Is that 300 true watts? And what do you usually pull off it?
  7. My light goes off at noon, central time. I'll send a pic once they go off and you guys can tell me how they look.
  8. No it's about 135 true watts mate and you'll need that per plant. Here's my girl grown under a 300w led but had the light all to herself :) [​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Nice man! What did you yield?
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  10. Still drying atm but im hoping for 50-60 grams dry :)

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  11. I just got me 78 grams off of a plant a week ago. it spent its flowering life under one mars 300 (135W). I have my second plant still going (veg'd longer) and it's under its own mars 300 plus the second one from the harvested plant and I'm hoping for 100+ off of her so I'm hoping for 178+ off of two mars 300's and next grow I'm going to throw in a scrog and veg longer and aim for at least 300-350 grams with another light added hopefully. Feel free to check out my grow journal for pics and size references.

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  12. Without the light on

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  13. With a 400 watt HPS as the backbone of my short hours in a newly streamlined 2 x 4, I crowd four in 5 gal and shoot for about 2oz from each. The 300 watt full spectrum is currently an on deck circle but will convert to 12/12 as soon as I stop chasing my tail. The 90 watt UFO and an additional 300 dual setting unit handle veg duties in two separate enclosures. Without the freedom to work my treasures outside like so many other growers I follow, I've taken to ornamental gardening out of frustration - remarkably rewarding playing in the dirt despite all the bug bites. My newest addition is this 10 x 12 greenhouse (best $29 I've spent so far) to work as my Summertime ICU for sensitive souls and to eventually Winter everything else.
    IMG_20170803_111016.jpg IMG_20170803_120455.jpg IMG_20170803_155422.jpg IMG_20170804_082917.jpg IMG_20170804_121217.jpg
  14. Looks good man! I'm guessing you're in a legal state? So I have the 2 plants under a 450w led(200 true watts), I know it's hard to predict, but do you think I can hit 2oz on both plants? I also have to keep the plant around 2ft tall. I've topped and plan on LST. I was thinking about adding another 200w when I flip to flowering. Any tips or advice?
  15. Just make a nice even canopy don't flip to 12/12 to quick and you can easily hit 2 oz on both plants. That's only a little more than .5 grams a watt that's easily obtainable imo.

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  16. Sadly no; from the Dirty South where what I'm doing risks mandatory minimums and complete forfeiture under the draconian drug laws gleefully enforced by State empowered thugs.
  17. So you don't think it's necessary important to add another led?
  18. If you add another 200W led you could double your yield... with that said it's completely up to you... you could either go through this grow with one light and get a second one next grow buttt you'd regret cutting the harvest in half if you could get a second light now.

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  19. Oh shit, if I can double the yield, then I'll definitely invest in a 2nd light. One more question for you man.. my PH runoff is high. Do I flush the plant when it's high or do I wait until next watering and lower the PH on the water? Thanks man!

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