Is this site safe?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greatvalue, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I notice a lot of people complaining about being stealthy and not letting anyone know location of crop(s) etc...

    And then you post onto a public forum.

    Is this site safe if your not a "patient"? Do legal processes have to be gone trhough to get IP addresses, or will they not be given out at all, or what?
  2. This doesn't belong in this section, but to answer your question: It takes minimal skill to get someones ip address. If you are fearful that you will be caught doing something illegal than I recommend you do not mention saying that you do so.
  3. no everyone on this sites getting arrested...right now:rolleyes:
  4. Yes it's safe from the law. GC and its servers are out of the USA. Drug enforcement in the USA is largely a local affair. There's no way a cop in some town of some state will get a subpoena on a company in another country just to look through their records to see if they happen to notice anyone in their jurisdiction. Never gonna happen.

    As far as what goes on here at GC, this forum is an information exchange, which is perfectly legal. I can say anything I want about growing MJ, but the reality is that I am an 87-year old grandmother who knits doilies and actually I've never seen a marijuana plant. ;)

    But it's not so safe from other members getting peeved at you asking questions that are answered over and over already -- this has already been discussed ad infinitum and you easily could have found the answer yourself with a simple and quick search... :cool:

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