Is this signature Ok?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by TearDownGod, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. Just gotta ask, thanks... Don't know what does and does not fly.

    In my defense, we all discuss R rated movies, and sex, porn, weed, Etc etc.

    I think we can handle violence, eh..? Thanks again:)
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    I'm going to find a picture to replace the man in my signature.. Bare with me, I don't know when it will be changed.

    But it will be similar, so if you can make your judgement of that information, feel free. As I said, I don't know what is and isn't allowed.. No violence? No problem, i'll take it down. I just want something to stick in everyones head. An actual signature. 'There goes TDG.. '

    Edit- For the record, any pictures in my sig will be fake.. No real violence, just make beleive ;)
  3. Sorry man, I think it's a little too much.

    It's not that I can't handle violence but that's FORCED upon me. I have to disable all signatures to not see that.

    I don't like it at all. I am sorry and not trying to be rude but it's a little much for me when I don't CHOOSE to see it.

  4. Fair enough man, from a box-ee like yourself it almost makes me reconsider even sporting it.. =/ I was going for offensive and shocking.. Not gross. Only reason I can see disliking it as much as you seem to.

    Budzilla spent some time on it, fuck.

    Not a fan of the zombie movies, eh?

  5. Not a fan of seeing bloody faces in signatures. That's all. DotD was a decent movie, I have it on HD DVD.
  6. Zombies are one thing, but that fat asian kid with his face peeled off is like a Grudge spin-off.
  7. Adblock Plus for Firefox and the like has a right click>block image option that works incredibly well. I've blocked tons of people's sigs/avatars just because I don't want to see them every time I'm on this site
  8. dude freedom of expression is important. i am also a horror guru. it doesnt offend me at all for you to have that as your sig pic. plus if its fake violence , like movie pics , and whatnot it shouldnt bother anyone else here either cause we are supposed to be all at least 18 years old here and mature enough to respect other people and their freedom to enjoy good ole horror pics. not to mention the fact that i would probably never had noticed your sig unless you posted this thread. but in the end it comes down to weather the MODs ,and supermods but most importantly superjoint think it is acceptable. so all that i wrote about my side is just another opinion:D good luck:wave:

  9. Being mature has nothing to do with NOT wanting to see something like that. Not sure why you think it does.

    Part of being mature is accepting people in all walks of life. I don't want to see two fatasses get down, but I'm mature enough to recognize their right to do so. See what I'm saying?
  10. well like i said that is just my opinion. you dont like it that's your right bro. and like you said you can block it so i suggest blocking things you dont like to see. but he still has some freedom of expression i would never deny him that would you? it's not really maturity but freedom of expression was what i was getting at. thanks for your opinion bro:wave:
  11. it doesnt bother me at all. lol, i watch lots of horror movies and such so ive seen much worse. not to mention some of teh shit on the interwebs
  12. TDG, it's a little much. We've had others change theirs for similar reasons so if you could change it, that would be cool. (I love horror and gore but what I dig doesn't matter in a situation like this.) Thanks for asking about it. That's appreciated, man. :)

    (It kind of goes with the whole violence thing except this is an image.)

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