Is this shit legal?

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  1. im not sure if i will get a legit answer but here it goes, is it legal for a landlord too be fined for the actions of the tenants? ....lets say they got a notice informing them there was a medical grow(city code violation) and if said violation wasnt taken care of they would get fined 97$ and everyday there after, but said violation was removed before allotted  time was passed , yet landlord still got the the medical grow was done without the landlords knowledge..cause fuck i got a right too privacy right?

    I'm Canadian, so I don't know if your rules are different, but I don't believe that a landlord can be held legally accountable for what your tenant does. My father had a tenant that was counterfeiting in his apartment, the police got ahold of him so they could get the keys and do a surprise raid. He was making twoonies of all things lol      ANYWAY, my father was not held legally responsible for that in any way. I believe that if you are committing a crime it is the police/city's job to deal with it, not the landlord. So if they are aware that an illegal grow op is happening in a unit, they can't say "Hey, Landlord, deal with this or we charge you" That is baloney. They go in there, they deal with it, they can't except a civilian to deal with criminal matters.  If anything they can give a landlord grounds for a speedy eviction, normally tenants are entitled to at least 30 days notice for an eviction but if they are doing something illegal and the police are behind you on it, you can kick them out in 24 hours.  
    However once you sign that lease you are responsible for what happens within that unit and you are entitled to privacy and rights while inside that unit. Even the landlord, who legally owns that unit, cannot enter it without giving you notice first. 
    I would tell that landlord to call a lawyer, because he can't pass that fine along to you either. That fine sounds like bullshit to me. 
  3. its a house and it was a legal medical grow prop 215, and sb420 compliant...but most of what u said sounds pretty seems like some kind of extortion..
  4. Nope...Sounds like America.
    Hear that freedom?  Fuckin' majestic. :cool:
  5. yes on what? on my problem? if so would u too let me know how so and links too any legit sources?i tried searching online..
  6. lol right...i shouldnt be surprised this country is going from a standstill too moving backwards fast.
    Yes, it is legal...Your problem is besides the point.
    That costs a consultation fee. :cool:
  8. well thats fuckin insane......and you're payment is and extra 3 post on you're posting
  9. Landlord-Tenant laws vary by state/region and it depends on the action taking place. The information you have provided is not sufficient, and legal opinions shouldn't really be sought on here. Regardless, landlords can be held liable for the actions of tenants. That's one reason people get liability insurance for their homes. I'm guessing this is California? There's something like 25 MMJ states now.
  10. yeah its cali...and the info i gave is pretty much just that..nothing more too it..had a legal grow..wasnt up too city code,got a noticed, removed said grow and that was it i didnt get no fines..but yet my landlord got one
  11. That is absolutely crazy, here if people were held accountable for what their tenants did nobody would rent anything out. Thats like renting a car, running someone over, and then holding the car rental agency accountable for what the driver did.  And here, liability insurance is for if someone gets hurt in your home and wants to hold the homeowner responsible or something else along those lines.
    I'm not saying your wrong, because I know nothing of how your legal system works, but if thats true, that sounds terrible. Where is the line drawn if that is the case? What happens if someone was cooking meth in there? Or filming child pornography? Or running a betting house?   Its so weird how you guys have some rules that seem so incredibly lax and then others that seem terribly extreme.  :eek:
  12. Well thats good, because like I said, it just seems like the possibilities would be endless..!
    I know that the individual state legalizes it on their own level but federally overall it is still considered illegal, that much I understand. But I still don't understand how they could hold the landlord/homeowner responsible for what the tenant is doing. If it is an activity they (whether it is your local government or federal) consider to be illegal, why are they not holding the individual who is committing the illegal activity responsible? If they don't approve of the grow op, they storm in there with a warrant and take everything and arrest the people directly involved with the grow op. 
    I guess to me it seems like a similar situation such as this: A pimp is running whores out of a motel room. He finds the clients, brings them to his room, and they do what they do. Now, later on the police get wind of what is happening and they storm the place and take the pimp and the johns and the whores in and charge them with whatever. Now I have never heard of an instance where they then turn around and charge or arrest the hotel owner as well. The hotel owner was not involved in this illegal activity, the only thing he had to do with this was that he owned the room that the pimp rented from him.
    But it is what it is I guess, if they are allowed to fine you for what your tenants are doing there well then thats pretty shitty. 
  13. yeah fuck the u.s i said it's just legal extortion...
  14. If it makes you feel any better our Government is pretty corrupt as well. I'm pretty sure there aren't really any governments that are even 80% honest in this world. 
  15. Canada is way better than America. The US gov't will rape anyone, anywhere, any time so long as they have the means (even if they make those means up).

    "She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well the other two were female. God only knows what they were up to in there. And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marihuana cigarettes..... REEFERS"
    I know we have some things that are good, I'm not saying Canada is a terrible place at all, I'm just saying that our government is pretty corrupt too. They do their fare share of extortion and thievery as well. They just like to smile and pretend like they're the caring good guys when they do it. 

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