Is this seedling ready to transplant her final pot?

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  1. Hi,

    Can you tell me this plant (Royal Critical auto) ready to transplant in her final pot (3 gallon)?
    It emerged on the surface on 6th of August..

    Furthermore can you check this two seedling are healthy? I guess they are, but for double check you can tell your opinion. Thanks!

    The bigger (Royal Critical auto)
    DSC_0119.JPG DSC_0108.JPG DSC_0116.JPG

    The other one (Royal Bluematic auto):
    DSC_0120.JPG DSC_0104.JPG DSC_0100.JPG

    Both plant:
    DSC_0112.JPG DSC_0106.JPG
  2. They look good man, as i read here, transplant when the plant has good root. This means I'll wait another day or 2, the big girl might start outgrowing the cup sooner. Do it then.

    ideally, autos should go straight to the last pots but we first timers get to make mistakes.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
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  3. You're gonna have trouble getting a clean, intact root ball with dirt transplanting them that little. My dog knocked over my only solo cup in my first grow so I had to transplant then without choice..mine was a little bit bigger than yours at this time and the roots had plenty of room to develop still. I've also seen plenty of grows where people's plants are as tall as the cup and have 5 or 6 nodes at that point. I would give them a few more days and let the roots get a little more settled'll make the transplant easier on you and the plant!

    Your girls look healthy, but I see there are water droplets very noticeable in one picture..if those droplets stay on the leaves they'll magnify the light and cause burn spots. Just to remove an option to confuse you as to what's going on with your plant if something does show up later. My first grow experienced this as well. I didn't keep a journal, but in short I didn't know enough when I started lol. Anyways, everything looks good!

    Second Grow, First Journal

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  4. You should wait about a week, So they have a root system. cause some transplant Autos so don't cause it stresses them. But more people do now. I would just let her go a bit longer. What kind of soil are you transplanting her in? Make sure to add perlite if you can.

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    Not ready to transplant and they won't be ready in a day or 2 like previously mentioned either.

    A simple way to take the guess work out is use 2 solo cups. 1 clear and 1 colored. Poke drainage holes in the clear and fill with soil. Place the clear inside the colored cup. That way the colored cup catches water run off and keeps the light out. All you have to do is remove the colored cup and check root development 1437106030772_zpstmutcrfh.jpg IMG_20150828_120918165_HDR_zpsmzvalczr.jpg these are clones but same concept with seedlings theres also holes on the bottom of the clear cup not just the side of the bottom

    I start Autos directly in their final container. Photooeriods seedlings I start in solos
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  6. I've never heard this idea, though I never really looked for it. I like the idea of being able to see the root mass developing through the clear cup. Will definitely be using that method on my next grow just so I can really see what's going on down there and how it's developing for my personal pleasure lol

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  7. Left over clear green cups from a st pattys day party IMG_20150412_205813869_zps3ucfzufn.jpg
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  8. no your plant is too small right now
  9. Also you wanna fill the entire container up with soil completely. Leaving a little bit of space to retain the water is fine but you don't want it that far down into the cup

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  10. It will be just fine. He has enough soil in there.
  11. I know I was speaking for future reference lol should've made that more clear

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  12. Thanks guys, really informative stuffs! So, I need to wait for stronger roots and I'm going to do this anyway. Later I'm coming back with same question :)

    Yes, I know how it is working, I was reading the same on several place. Actually I did it on purpose for sake of the picture. Basically, I never use spray for watering except to keep moist the soil until they emerge above the surface. But thanks for tour notice!

    I'm using BioBuzz Light Mix Soil for all of stage of growing. They're in this mix right know and I wanna to use this for transplanting as well. It contains perlite. In the store where I bought almost everything they suggested me this soil mention above.

    It's a really good idea! Next time I'm going to use it anyway. When do you check the roots by this method, won't it hurt them? I know the roots are extremely light sensitive, and I think it shouldn't be problem for a quick check, but this can be stressful.

    It was almost full as you describe in your suggestion, but due to watering it has been more compact and you can see the result of this in the pictures. Once time I was refill with a small amount of soil. It should be fine know, but next time I will use more soil.

    Thanks to everyone!

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