is this seed dead ?

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  1. hello i'm new to growing
    i planted this seed after putting it into water and after paper towel 24H each
    the seed was good then i planted it
    but after 24Hi was stupid enough to search in the dirt and take it out and cut the root tip
    it wasn't that long
    when i took it out the root was like a thick liquid that came out of the seed here is a photo

    will it live should i put it in dirt or in a paper towel ?
  2. Why the fuck would you cut it?
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  3. if the root tip is off the root .the root will not grow down in to the soil ,,,lesson learnt is 'Dont dig in to the soil after planting the seed else your libel to kill the sprouted seed' ,,,,mac
  4. it was cut on accident :(
    could it live ? should i put it in dirt maybe it could work ?
    i also have an other seed here it's photo
    should i let it stay in paper towel longer ?
    or should i put it in dirt ?

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  5. Place it in some soil
  6. i don't think i'll ever touch the soil again :(
    what about this seed and advice ?
    keep it in paper towel ?put it in dirt
    it's my last chance to grow :(

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  7. is it better than the paper towel ?
  8. Soil is always better than paper towel IMO. I never really understood the whole rave on the paper towel thing.

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  9. It's nature. Put it back in the soil, root at the bottom. Only like half an inch deep. Leave it alone for a while until you see it sprout. It can survive
  10. I never got into paper towels either... I started off with germing in cups of water and now I just germ/clone in jiffy pellets.

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  11. i think what it is with the paper towel thing is ,,they get to see the seed as sprouted a tap root first before they plant the seed ,,,,a lot of folks cant help poking around looking to see if the seed as sprouted and break the tap looking to see whats happening under the soil/potting compost if they just plant straight in to the soil etc ...i start my seeds off in cup of water ,then plant up in to soil ,,,,,mac,
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