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Is this schwagg?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johny Potsmoker, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Well I got this browish green bud just now. It smells great and it's a little sticky but the color is just throwing me. Should I return it?

  2. I can barely see that picture, but you never want brown weed.
  3. Looks pretty schwaggy but smoke a bowl and see how it is i've had some pretty good dark bud before
  4. Looks like it went through the washing machine.
  5. it looks like a turd. comon man i was eating breakfast when i saw that
  6. I can't really see the picture.. at all.. but from my experience you don't tend to want brown weed.
  7. looks like a dead cokckroach
    but still make a bowl and smoke that shit
  8. looks like the cat took a shit on your schwag before you got the shot!
  9. Are you sure thats weed?
  10. looks like the pinecones and leaves i just raked
  11. Meh... smoke it and see bro

    im curious now actually, i got a fatass bag yesterday that looked like total schwag, but as soon as i lit up a spliff i could tell it was really good shit. Pleasant surprise =D
  12. wat kind of pic is this, its 2012, i thought incredibly blurry pics of buds was unacceptable in todays society
  13. You won't know for sure until you smoke it. And return it? Your dealer does exchanges? Hahaha

  14. maybe he takes credit cards too!
  15. I can totally tell by that pic! /sarcasm
  16. I had some brown weed once that was covered in trichs. Probably not the norm though.
  17. There's no way to tell without pictures, but in most cases, brown is not too good.
  18. lol @ returning weed. just smoke some and see if it's good. it could be decent.
  19. "Hey man thanks for the herb and all but I'm not diggin' it. You got anything else? No? Ah well is it cool if I get a refund?"

    That is a sentence I would never expect to hear as a dealer.
  20. what did you use for a camera? a can of tuna fish?

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