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Is this schwag

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by elixr, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. i got everything here in jamaica for $15 US. i can get high of half a joint. it doesnt smell to great though.

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  2. I wouldn't call that schwag but it looks like mids. Smoke it up man.

    EDIT: Just read you were in Jamaica. I was there last week and got some straight up kind buds man. I paid a little more than you though. Where in Jamaica did you go?
  3. Definitely not shwagg. Looks like mids.
  4. Def not dank but no shwaggyness to be found. I would twist that shit. :devious:
  5. Not bad,it's like schwag before it gets flat and bricked up :laughing:
  6. You got a handful of that for 15? Shit thats a great deal.

  7. oh i am jamaican but i am new to this. i just converted the price in to Us dollars

  8. this is local price i can get a pound for $75 US
  9. Oh got ya. Yeah the Jamaican price is def cheaper than the tourist prices. My taxi driver said he can get a pound of sensi for $200 USD, and I totally believe him.
  10. From the looks of it it's mids. The picture is kind of blurry but yeah by the looks of it it's not shwag. $15 is an awesome deal for all that weather if it's shwag or not. You got a good deal my friend. Smoke up!
  11. I need to go to Jamaica lol.

    Great deal.
  12. holy shit dude i get like a 1/5th of that for 15 here, bro im swimming to jamaica
  13. Look like mids. Regs are dark green, compressed, and have seeds.
  14. does it have seeds?
  15. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! Jesus fuck, Im moving there haha.
  16. I'd bring $500 bucks and a brand new bong if i were to ever go to Jamaica:D
  17. Thats what Im saying man. Shit is it even possible to smoke a pound in a week?

  18. Ask Bob Marley:smoke:
  19. In 60 years or less I shall haha.

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