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  1. I am already pretty blazed right now (very boom weed), and I'm drinking 4 beers tonight, plus getting higher... would it be safe if I dropped one of my friend's meds (Novo-Olanzapine), I took one of them 2 nights earlier, and I liked the effect, but I felt a bit depressed the next few days (It wasn't that bad, my friend said it was just a dependency on the drug).
  2. I'd say don't do it just to be safe, I'm not knowledgable about that specific med but if it makes you depressed for a few days, it's not worth it.
  3. It's an antipsychotic, you'll be fine. I'm prescribed 5mg in the AM and 15mg in the PM. It won't cause any damage to take with alcohol. I do it all the time.
  4. I've heard antipsychotics have no recreational value. Also heard they can fuck with your brain pretty hardcore. None of this is based on any facts though...
  5. Long time use can cause tardive dyskinesia.
  6. DON'T take antipsychotics if they aren't prescribed to you by a doctor, because if you don't even have the condition it is used to treat, your brain chemistry can get seriously fucked up. Also, to me at least, taking a drug that has dependency-based depression just isn't worth it when you can always smoke weed man...
  7. You took a fucking anti-psychotic.


    Seriously people, is it worth popping random pills to catch a fucking buzz? :confused:
  8. QFT. I'm sick of seeing fucktards talking about eating antidepressants in some horridly poor attempt to catch a buzz, which they won't even give you. If you ever take an antipsychotic/antidepressant medication for recreation, just kill yourself.
  9. The only exception I would make to ^ that would be 25-50mg seroquel, but even that is iffy and shitty next day.
  10. i agree. some of these fucktards would suck a dick if it would get them high, or give them a cool factor. fucking rookies.
  11. youngsters...
  12. Hey, I do have some sort of depression, and I didn't drop it to catch a buzz.
  13. Anti-Psychotics aren't for depression. I take 20mg of Zyprexa for Schizophrenia with psychotic symptoms. Do you really want to be fucking with a medication meant for people with serious psychological issues?
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    Are you fucking serious?

    It's your friends meds, not yours.

    From what you say in your OP, it sounds like you did take them to catch a buzz, too.


  15. wow. withdrawal symptoms after only taking 1 pill two days ago? hmm.
  16. It's not even going to be withdrawl, anti-psychotics just fuck you up for a day or two if your body isn't used to taking them. All it did was mess up his dopamine and shit leaving his receptors lacking and him feeling depressed.
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    Well according to the pharmaceutical industry, so does everyone else, or at least the majority of people. This is why so many people are on antidepressant meds: the criteria for diagnosing depression is extremely vague, to the point where the majority of modern human beings can easily be diagnosed with some form of "depression".

    I severely doubt this. Actually, I know for a fact its bullshit. You even admit that you took the medication in question on a previous occasion ("dropped one of my friend's meds") and enjoyed its effects; I'm pretty sure that qualifies as recreational usage, genius. Funny thing about lying, it doesn't usually work if you've already admitted to the contrary.

    Plus, the med in question isn't even an antidepressant. It's an antipsychotic. I think the most important question you need to ask yourself, as pointed out by BlaqueWhyteGrei, is this one:

    Hint hint: the answer is no.

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