Is this safe?

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  1. I have one of those plastic tips for cigs that are supposed to filter out the junk, I took the filter out and now it's really just a mouthpiece, roach holder.. But is this safe to smoke doobies thru? As long as it don't let it get close to the plastic this isn't like smoking plastic right ?
  2. I will recommend you that stay away of plastic because plastic is a very toxic material.
  3. NO!:mad:
  4. Get a roach stone

    Plastic is no bueno
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  5. If you really want something like a roach holder, but value your health against toxic materials, I'd recommend one of those old school cigarette holders. Yeah it's kinda weird and antiquated, but at least you wont be breathing in whatever the hell is inside that made in china crap
  6. Inhaling plastic fumes is never safe. I personally would not use it.
  7. I'd say either use a crutch, or get a roach pincher/roach stone. If the plastic were to get burnt and inhaled that wouldn't be very good for you. Out of curiosity, the way you described it it sounds like a filter from a black and mild, is that what it is lol?
  8. from COUNTLESS threads ive come to firmly believe all ya'll youngster stoners REALLY need to learn to use drill bits/grinding bits to your advantage

    stonercraft 101
    section c drilling in wood or bone
    first youll want a set of drill bits hyg.jpg or if you dont have/want electricity get a n.jpg gimlet its the cheepest simplest of the old ways to drill so if your making a pipe you need to figure out your piece of wood idealy you want a dense piece like cherry burl(root ball) or hardwood you found but a season dead (its also a good idea to set aside assorted twigs from the same piece to make plugs so you can correct overdrillings which you somtimes end up having to do intentionally if you want a curved or complicated smoke path) next figure out yer angles of drilling and drill a hole for the stem and a hole for the bowl and meet them inside the wood (which is obviously easier with a chillum being only one hole str8 thru the matierial) but sherlocks and more complex patterns are possible even easy if you remember what i just told you about plugs now to drill you bowl you want a countersink shopping.jpg just follow your bowl hole till desired bowl depth
    to make a roach/joint/blunt toker make a chillum but use a cone stone cone stone.jpg instead of a countersink for the bidness end

    section d drilling in glass or stone

    41o7ftLixFL__AA160_.jpg these are bosch gt2000 glass and tile bits and will do the job of bit and countersink in glass stone or tile/ceramic dont push hard let the weight of the drill do it (75min drill times are standard but how bad you want that hole there) also drill wet dont let it go dry these bits essentially shave the glass/material thinner and thinner till you make it thru so just let em sit n spin periodically re-wetting drillspot (note you can stop when you barely break thru with a mid to big bit and have a bowl)
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  9. they knew that soon the monkey would awaken from its deep sleep...
  10. May not be the best for your health, but I enjoy rolling my joints with a straightened paper clip, the kind without any colored plastics, so that way I have something to hold onto as the roach burns down. The heat shouldn't be hot enough to allow the paperclip to release any harmful chemicals from the heated metals, but I could be wrong and be giving myself cancer.

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