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Is This Safe? I Fixed My Bong With Super Glue..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Youtube, May 24, 2013.

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    well my bong broke at the base where the stem would go in & so  i super glued the circle thing back in and patched it up with tiny peices of a paper towel then super glued over  it & it surprising is very solid (feels like rock). but my question is, is this safe? because the flame wouldnt be near the super glue so i dont think it would melt, or would it?  also how long do you think this will hold.
    p.s I hit it just now and it hits EXACTLY how it did the day i bought it. wow I hope this is safe.
    lol i just realised that the smoke or anything wouldnt even touch the super glue because the smoke is going through the stem into the water which has its own glass sourrounding it. i think im good hahahaha


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  2. Well, because I know I can't be held responsible, I'm going to say "yes."
  3. Probably not.
  4. My brother dropped my slide for my bong and the bowl broke. I glued it back together with a little bit of gorilla glue, making sure not to get any inside the bowl, and it worked beautifully. The glue wasn't burning at all. 
  5. I would say probably not.
  6. You should be's not like the flame is touching it, and that part of the bong doesn't even get hot. The water might eventually wear out the glue though.
  7. As long as the flame never touches the glue you will be straight.
    Here's your handy-man badge! *pats on the head and helps you sew your patch*
  8. I agree as long as the flame never touches the glue
  9. its ok but if i were you id buy silocon glue like rubber that is liquid when it turns hard its like the density of a hockey puck stuck as fuck yeah..that im a rapper

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