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Is this sad or what..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MilkyLumpkinz, Jan 8, 2013.

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    My younger cousin (10) got sweet pea body mist for xmas an she kept asking what sweet pea was so I told her it was actual pee..she kept refusing to believe that an stated that sweet pea was a type of flower,being bored I decided to fuck with her an make shit up lol,I told her no that sweet pee is from a horse an that back then when the cow boys had nothing to drink but horses pee they discovered it was sweet an tasted like apple juice,they they had started wearing the scent referring to it as "Sweet Pee" eventually changing the last e to an a when they started selling it, after explaining this to her she was disgusted that she was wearing horses pee & kept asking "Why would they do such a thing,its gross" an then said she was going to toss it I'm very unsure if she actually believes me or not,it seems pretty legit but then it makes me question humanity because when I was 10 I don't remember being so gullible lol kind of makes me sad I'd convinced her of such stupidity..
  2. i don't really get the point of this thread...i think it's more sad that you ruined a kids christmas present man wtf?
  3. where do you get the imagination?

    like it though
  4. You said she kept refusing to believe it. I don't think she's gullible, you just convinced her to believe it.
  5. Op smells like sweet pee

  6. You sound 10
  7. loool god guys chill the fuck out..yea I sound 10 Ima kid at heart,just how I am..
    I'm pretty sure she didn't believe it anyway as shes still spraying it an only has only like 1/2 the bottle left..just thought it was funny & I'd share..we tease each other just how we r! kid knows I love her
  8. I fail to see the fun in doing something like that.

    You know what else children believe in? Things that adults tell them are fact. If I told my ten year old brother that, I don't doubt that he'd believe it too.

    (Side note: can I make the helpful suggestion again, and recommend you have a look into using fullstops. It makes for such a better reading experience.)
  9. Lol oh look its every kids dream spokesperson..I understand that but I doubt when she gets older shes gonna be angry an furious that I told her the body mist shes been using is horse pee..pretty sure she'll laugh it off an it'll give us something to talk about.. :rolleyes:
  10. lol

    in this thread

    OP: i played a silly little prank on a child, and they may have bought it


    meanwhile, im sure they are all good for a dude breaking and entering, stealing milk and cookies, and leaving pedophile toys for children under a fucking tree

    yea ok people
  11. How to use Grasscity message boards

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  12. loool sad but true..btw love the enthusiasm XD
  13. i just think its hilarious how people on here will joke with ease about tragedies and violence

    but someone plays a harmless joke on a 10 year old, call fuckin child services!!!!!

  14. I didn't say she'd be upset or ruined by it, I just said that I wouldn't find that kind of thing entertaining enough to post an entire thread about on GC. You were clearly fishing for a response something along the lines of "OMG, kids today is so fucked"

    I say terrible things to my baby brother all the time. It's whatever.
  15. I think you were just looking for a post to give a negative response to.

    Who cares she probably thought it was funny and wanted to share the lulz with GC
  16. lol the last few sentences were fucktarded..No I'm not fishing for shit like "Kids are dumb as fuck" & whatever else u think,just thought it was funny & I'd was a joke all in fun..whoever thinks its not entertaining well then fuck just move onto the next thread & don't bother reading it,see.. no biggy
  17. Or if you wanted to REALLY scar her, tell her how her perfume is actually made:

    From the butchered anus of a civit.

    Perfume is nasty as hell imo.
  18. ima laugh when she's older and gives you a bottle of sweet pea spray, and its filled with horse piss!!! hahahahahahahahaaa im all about that revenge
  19. lol easy guys, she's just having a little fun. A little harsh, but still funny lol. Not as rough as what my brothers did to me when I was ten
  20. NOT COOOL op just NOT coool okay.

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