Is this Rude??

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    Two days ago, I was at a party in an "upscale" wannabe city. Anyways, three people, who are good friends with one of my best friends, but i hadn't met them until that day, went in the yard to smoke a joint.

    They passed it around once, before I asked if I could sit next to one of the guys- clearly in the "smoke circle" of two guys, one girl. Now the addition of me, makes four. and the pill container of more marijuana next to one of the guys..

    Before I sat down, a I asked the guy who brought the weed what his shirt said because it was partially covered up he replied with "Oh.. it says "THIS IS A FAKE DOLCE & GABANNA SHIRT ...even though its a real one *pompous laughter*" (D&G is some fancy designer company, FYI)

    Me:"Can I sit with you?"
    Group: "yeah, sure, go for it"
    Me (to owner of the marijuana) : "ya know, knowing I can legally carry 2.5 ounces on me is a pretty great feeling"
    Him: "I thought it was 2.0"
    Me: "nah, 2.5"
    Him: "do you have your card?"
    Me: "Yeah"
    Him: "okay, then if anyone comes back here, we can just say its yours"
    Me: "*chuckle,*"

    ALL THIS TIME the joint is being passed DIRECTLY in front of me, with no offers to smoke, and it continues to get passed until two of the three people smoking didn't want anymore and the guy I was talking to, struggles to finish it himself, STILL no offers..

    I was totally shocked... I mean, isn't that the standard smoking etiquette? at least OFFERING, thats like understood.. but we were even TALKING about smoking and that I can legally do it, AND he even wanted me to take the blame for weed he wasnt allowing me to smoke!

    I included a diagram of exactly how it looked..


    is what they did rude ??

    EDIT: In my opinion, the enjoyment of marijuana is a connection that bonds people. I don't see it as a selfish thing in any way. I would rather be buzzing with 5 other people because I shared over totally ripped because I hoarded it .. we as cannabis lovers need to be open and sharing..

  2. mmmm... Well at parties, if I dont really know ya then youre probably not gonna get up on my reefer too much. Sorry man.

    specially if its some dank. That shits expensive, *****.
  3. I smoke anyone and everyone out assuming they would do the same for me.

    Yes it's hella rude. BUT if you don't have the balls to ask for it(didn't mean that) you probably aren't going to get it with 'those' types of smokers.
  4. well, actually... i consider it kinda rude to invite yourself in. :confused_2:
  5. it is if you don't have anything to pitch.

    if you don't, just ask for ONE hit if that's all you want. otherwise is it really that big of a deal? specially if they aren't any prospective friends.
  6. dude who the hell do you think you are?

    one bowl is enough for everybody.

    not sharing weed is like the epitome of resilience of Jah. You have to share the love.
  7. meh, it's their weed

    and when u said u can carry 2.5 ounces with u, and that u have a card, they might have assumed u either had your own weed or where already stoned

    and also seeing that u r a girl ( the *Kelly* thing tipped me off, unless i am wrong) arouses some suspicion

    but i say forget about it. no reason to remember assholes, except to remember to avoid them

  8. good.. thats my feeling as well..

  9. no u don't
  10. I do agree on the other hand, it's their weed, but you do have a card. So it's not a big deal.
  11. totally rude on the groups part....they passed that shit right in front of you lol.

    it wouldnt be as bad if the guy didnt mention the "we can say its yours" thing. whatever, some people are just greedy.
  12. lol sorry dude I was referring to your last sentence. sorry for not making that clear.

    I just mean it shouldn't depend how much weed they have left, share it. Because for all you know on your way home some one might offer to share their last bowl with you.
  13. I dont think its rude on the groups part but whoever HAD the weed in the group. Personally no matter how good it was or expensive... i would have at least passed it to you when there was a little left so u can get a good hit and taste it after all my friends were lit!! Especially if your a straight chick...they always get more love over my way!!:D
  14. seems kinda rude dude(ette)
  15. Don't let it get you down.
    Had it not been for the comment on saying it's yours it could have been acceptable, but this isn't the case.
    Next time you go in that area bring some stickie ickie from the med shop and smoke it right in front of them if you have a taste for vengence.

    Keep smoking, and share the love. :bongin:
  16. I love the diagram good going scottie jimbob
  17. seems kinda rude.
  18. You shoulda asked for the joint, it's time's like those that I'm glad I always carry some on me so I can lol @ people that don't share.

    I normally hop in the circle on good stuff and get hits...never really been denied even when I didn't know the people.

    Sounds like a couple of stingy preps...if you're shy you shoulda asked your friend if it was cool to get in on it.
  19. I agree that it's kind of rude to invite yourself in on a circle, if you aren't matching, but since you were there, it was rude of them not to share.
  20. If it's not offered and you don't ask, then it's not really rude of them. I always ask if someone wants to blaze, but some people will just assume you don't feel like smoking if you don't ask.

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