Is this root rot or stem rot? Please need help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Regginacirfa, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Could you explain in greater detail why you think there's a problem?
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  2. After I topped my plant and got 2 new nodes to shoot out I tried to lst 1 node down and it broke off from the stem without to much pressure then looked about an inch down to the next set of shoots and saw that 1 of the nodes had some Browning around the stem where it connects to the main stem not sure if I'm just being paranoid after reading up on plant diseases
  3. That Browning on the stem In the 2nd picture
  4. 15546583965271021161911262426880.jpg that node broke off then an inch down from there is that Browning on another node in the 2nd picture
  5. So you think these are looking healthy then?

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  6. smear honey on the wound

    its antispetic and wrap her up

    good luck
  7. Should I be worried about root or stem rot you think? Or do they look healthy overall?
  8. And would rooting gel instead of huny work also? Don't have any here but can run to the store if needed
  9. Yes they are Lush = ideal

    rot is a fungal infection not a laceration

    tho you can get fungal infections with lacerations

    Honey is best its got all the natural hormones healing plants require

    good luck
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  10. its worth it like first aid for plants

    as a plus its nice on Toast

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  11. That browning your worried about at the base is normal. Pretty much just stretch marks and barking. The browing on the cuts are also normal. Similar to the base, the plant is healing its wounds with a bark like appearance.
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  12. Hard to find real honey nowadays. Stores where i live it says its real honey, but if you research into the “organic farm” company that is on the label, its all made at a plant.

    Real honey is goood tho!

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  13. Thank you everyone for the information much appreciated
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