Is this Root Bound?

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  1. Hey guys!
    Wanted to get your feedback because my leaves are doing some funky things that I haven't seen before. There's are LBSD clones in their 4th week of veg going into five.
    I started the medium with RO super soil mix and began feeding it earlier this week with 8 ml of PH Perfect AN line.
    It began showing signs of over fert. by having yellow tips, which I thought was odd because the leaves looked like the ones posted. Could it be possible that it's root bound and needs a bigger pot? They are in 5 gallons right now.
    And to answer the wattage question, they are currently under 600 watts.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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  2. I would say no. It's a nutrient problem. I have a plant that is considerably bigger than yours in a 5 gallon bucket with no root problems
  3. That's phosphorus deficiency turning it black and necrotic. Flush with 1/4 strength nutes until you see it stop and get back on track ..the leaves won't recover from that so look for new growth to be good. also make sure your runoff in the correct range GFP

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  4. phosphorus deficiency [​IMG]

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  5. I thought so too but then my leaves are also getting yellow tips?
  6. then it's a combo of both phosphorus And nutrient Burn.

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