Is this RooR real or fake?

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  1. So I have been to the official RooR fake or real page, but just wanted to grasp the ideas of others too.

    All pics of RooR are attached. So, I hit up this guy on craigslist for this RooR and he is selling it to me for $200 (he got it for $225 so he says). He claims that he bought it from Germany, but something about it doesnt have me convinced. Take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks :smoke:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. It's definitely not a .de Roor. Sadly, I don't think it's a real .us either.
  3. correct me if im wrong but that is not a roor bistabol? joint. thats usually been the culprit lately from wat iv seen
  4. So what is it lol? just a cheap bong?
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    Yes, it's a functioning Chinese "knock off". I'm sure it will get u high, and if someone ever breaks in your house, you will now be more likely to reach for it as a weapon, since it's barely worth it's weight in glass.

    Did u really just bump a thread u replied in 20 min ago...that's pretty lol.
  6. yeah its fake the ice pinches are a joke and the joint looks janky
  7. Ok, thanks for the answers everyone! Now my next question is how much should I ask for it? (Its still a good piece)
  8. does it hit like a real one?
  9. I just texted him that its fake and he replied back, "This is off man the roor logo is engraved onto the glass u cant scrape it off like american and knockoffs".
  10. no way its german that weld looks like shit and the ice pinches look real sketch
  11. to me it looks real, but for $200...i got a 7mm flame polished ROOR beaker on craigslist. Maybe if you wait, a better deal will come.

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  12. even china can use enamel decals and kiln them onto the glass lol. the logo on the downstem is a bit crooked... im no roor expert so idk
  13. The signature looks pretty funny - seems fake to me. Whether or not its real it looks shoddy to me. The thickness of the glass on the joint doesn't seem consistent with the thickness of the tube at all, and the base doesn't seem quite wide enough for a tube that height.

    Just my $.02
  14. looked back at the joint, i notice either a water mark on the joint or when welding the joint the the ground on the joint melted away a bit, not sure if roor would allow that.

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