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  1. I'm a first time grower, and im in week 4 of flowering, i just wanted to know if this was normal for my leaves to turn this color..

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  2. Im growing outdoor and only nutes I've used was fox farm big bloom and some molasses
  3. If your night time temperatures are dropping significantly more than your day time temps then yes it’s normal. But you ARE flowering so there is a high possibility that you need more phosphorous, as this causes purpling of leaves as well.
  4. The temp is likely, i live in Mi and its literary a night and day difference between temps of day and night
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  6. Yeah bro I’m thinking that it’s the cold, the plant looks healthy imo
    Lol nice photo work staring down the leaf like that, shots dope brody
  7. i
    its the temps for sure anything between 12c-16c night temps throw fall colours just enjoy the show bro looks beauty :)

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