Is this right? (Prefer people who live in England)

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  1. In my area in England I would get a eighth for £30 but the bag would only be around 1.6.. and I get told by everyone around here that thats normal for our area.

    Should I look elsewhere?
  2. From where im from we call an 8th about 1.6 but only pay 20 quid for it. If youre paying 30 for 1.6 youre being shafted. Sorry
  3. From where I'm from we use this shit called "math".

    Comes in handy when using terms like "eighth" as street slang instead of what it should be used for.
  4. well all I can say is that whenever ive rang up and asked for an eighth, I get a 20bag which one would expect to pay 20 pounds for. Ive never actually received a bag with 3.5g of weed in
  5. I don't get get why people don't just call it a dub? Why call it an eighth when an eighth means specifically 3.5 grams?
  6. I don't get why you say aluminum either but you don't see me complaining
  7. I don't know either? I'm only asking cos' im new to this.. its what the dealers say
  8. I don't understand. I grew up in America and would get 1/8s for $60 but here there are £20 pound 1/8s (2g) and £30 1/8s (3.5). I don't see how 2gs is an 1/8. I thought 1/8 was 1/8.

    Only you can finish th
  9. Well if its what your dealer says and its what all your mates are paying then its obviously right. Its just that the average at the moment is something like a tenner a gram. So youd only expect to pay 30 odd for an actual 1/8 of an ounce
  10. Uh, yes, we do. Right there. :D

    And you opened a thread complaining about how your "eighth"...doesn't actually weigh an eighth... :confused:

    Dunno, I guess I'm just lost here. All this new math has me feeling rather anxious to move to England and sell weed. :D
  11. I dunno, I get told they don't make a profit.. :s
  12. I suspect they do make a profit
  13. Okay? This has nothing to do with differences in dialect. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, if you call anything other than 3.5 grams an eighth, you're wrong.
  14. Oh well maybe English people don't have the same burning desire to be right all the time like americans do. Who cares anyway everyone who buys drugs at the consumer end is being ripped off by someone somewhere along the line. Depends how far the product has to be transported between manufacture and retail as well

  15. Are you saying the English enjoy shafting each other? :laughing:
  16. yes. yes I am.

  17. That's why I just grow the shit.

    Also, next time you see your dealers tell them they are fucking retards. If they don't know what 28/8 is then they are beyond dumb.
  18. you're getting ripped. same in any country.
  19. Damn. This is where I just fucking lost it. Funniest shit ever. :laughing::laughing:

    And this is when I pissed myself thinking it couldn't get any funnier... :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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