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Is this reasonable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xBrent, May 5, 2011.

  1. Aight, so I asked one of my friends if he could get me some good weed, and he said he could get me some Kush Trainwreck Deisel.

    What would be the appropriate price for a dime of this?

    I offered 15$ for him to get it for me, is that to little or just right?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. where do you live

  3. Wisconsin.
  4. depends on the prices in your area. everyone will have varying opinions (many consider 20/g a ripoff) but around me that's the best you're getting.
  5. Dimes of dank are usually 10$ so you just gave him a $5 tip.
  6. $15 seems like a decent price seeing as he is your friend, the price of the dime just depends on where you live
  7. Im from wisco too and ive never heard of that around here. A "dime" is $10 worth of bud. if im wrong someone plz correct me

  8. Alright, Thanks :)

    This is what I figured, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the quick responses.
  9. $5 tip is perfectly fine so long as he isnt going way out on a limb for u to grab it.
  10. What the. A dime ALWAYS equals 10 dollars worth dude. Where I live, you get a gram of dank for 20 bucks, eighth for 60 and a Q for 100
  11. I totally agree. I would toss my buddy $5 to go pick up a bag for me.

    No problem man. Enjoy that kush :smoke:
  12. You mean mids? Dank is usually $15-20 a g.
  13. that name sounds made up op

  14. Ahh, yea it didn't sound normal. I thought it was all one, but he just put spaces between the words in the text, He probably meant Kush, Trainwreck, or diesel. Is trainwreck a strain by itself?
  15. uhhh,if my math serves me right,2 dimes = 1 dub and 1 dub = 1 gram,and if one gram cost $20 then .5 gram (a.k.a half a gram) should be half the price,so then $20 - $10 = $10. Are you saying that you want to sell your friend half a gram for $15 dollars?If so,that's a rip off. If you sold him .7 gram for $15,than that would be reasonable.:smoke:

  16. No no I'm buying it lol. I'm asking him to get it for me.
  17. You sir, are high. He's buying not selling and even if he was selling, you're saying that he's ripping himself off? Yes OP, Trainwreck is a strain.
  18. oh okay okay,his being ripped off :laughing: unless it weights out to .7 then,it's not a bad deal
  19. Depends what you mean by dime lol...
    cause a dime of reg is 10 here, so if you're buying a 10er, then yeah it's ten bucks and you paid 5 extra
    but if you bought a dub, you are short 5 dollars my friend.
    But I'm sure it was enough considering he took it lol, he would have said something if it was short
  20. A dime of anything, anywhere, is usually 10$, hence the name dime..

    Giving someone 15$ for a dime is like saying:

    "Hey man, can you get me a 20 sack for 30$?"

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