Is this really supposed to be 3 weeks progress?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xedjflowx, May 13, 2010.

  1. Is it just me or is this taking a while to get going
  2. I may have never grown, but that is real small for 3 weeks. I have no real hands on experience though.
  3. yea ive seen other peoples progress and this sprouted three weeks ago and i dont know why my plant is so small. strain is gdp btw
  4. Looks stretched for light. Get that light closer, especially if you're using CFLs. Also, when you transplant to a larger pot, you might think about burying the plant a little deeper to cover the stem up some.
  5. The top two nodes are close together so you got decent lighting, though there's stretch from the seed leaves. It should double it's mass in the next week. Some plants grow slow and you don't really see growth until the 4th node sometimes. Plus the leaves are light green. Might be the lighting. Give it some more N.
  6. i have decent lighting but the leaves are light green so it might be bad lighting? =S u confusin me here haha. More nitrogen? You got it. By the way it does look more dark when in normal sunlight. In the picture it just looks bright.
  7. move ur light closer she def is stretchin a bit. start feedin her. dont forget to ph. you'll bee fine
  8. What kind of light (and what is the wattage) are you using and how far away is it?

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