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is this really less than 1 gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 14, 2011.

  1. 014.jpg

    The scale says its 0.9 grams. I don't have a 500 gram weight so I've been trying to calibrate it with other things. The bud is pretty dense... so this measurement really doesn't make sense. Is the scale wrong or am I wrong?
  2. a gram of shit, yes.

    If you payed 10$ for a bag of what looks like fucking tree branches, then I am dissapoint again.
  3. ya lloks about right
  4. .9 of regs, yes
  5. Looks like weed man, enjoy.
  6. the scale doesnt lie.unless its not calibrated.
    put a nickle on the scale and if it weighs 4.9-5.1 grams then the scale is fine and your wrong.
  7. That's WAAAAY less then a gram, look at all that garbage stems.

    I would pay $1 dolla for that.
  8. Yeah thats a gramish..... good ole reggie =]
  9. Looks like u bought a tree in a bag! Congrats!
  10. Yeah thats shake btw.... id stub my dealers toe if he gave me shake!
  11. damn , a stem bigger than mount everest .
  12. poopy poopy poopy, I haven't even seen shwag for months!
  13. use a nickel to calibrate is because a nickel is 1g
  14. .9 of schwag lol
  15. Enjoy yo Reggie Bush
  16. Are you sure it isn't this?


    I'll ask you again, ARE YOU POSITIVE?
  17. Man, that's some rough looking weed lol

  18. lol a nickel is 5g -.-
  19. Dude like .45 of that is stems... I'm saying you got ripped off if you paid 10 bucks for that but whatever. It's only like 3-4 bucks.

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