Is this real?

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  1. I don't know if any of you from Massachusetts have heard of Met state in Waltham, MA but it's an abandoned childrens mental hospital. It's called Gaebler Children's Center and these people I know went into it and saw this [​IMG]

    Now one of my friends that saw it is freaking out because he thinks he went through some satanic ritiual lmao. he thinks he is cursed. but this wasn't there when I went.

    Gaebler Children's Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. thats scary as fuck
  3. Did you take that photo?
  4. Nah my friend did and that's what he saw and i guess something said do not pass and he passed it, now he thinks he is cursed. lol i don't know if he is just paranoid or what.
  5. It's also strange because if it was some kids just fucking around, they must have a shitload of time to get black and red paint and do that and also they said the notebook had weird writing in it. and also to bring candles in and light them.

  6. Its a pentagram. I find it a little strange that the candles are lit.

    "Holy shit guys that is scary as fuck, just let me light these candles and get a picture"

    I think your friends are pulling your leg.
  7. Well it looks like those candles are still lit, so i doubt someone just left that stuff there like that. Either he's playing a joke on you or someone's playing a joke on him.
  8. its just sum fuckin satanist losers
    (omg i feel like im gonna get that Drag Me To Hell curse wen a fly goes up my nose)

  9. lol they ain't trying to scare me, it's on facebook. the candles look like they have been lit for a good few hours or so seeing that they are melted. There is no wind or anything in there too seeing that the whole place is boarded up.

  10. lmao i think that's why he is freaking out because he saw that movie the other day. Good movie too.:smoking:
  11. Again no one is playing a joke on me. it was something he said on facebook and everyone is just telling him that he's weird and needs to chill lol.
  12. I smell bullcrap.
  13. [​IMG]
    That is the boiler room.

    These are from when I went.

    All these rooms that look like have light in them are actually pitch black, the flash on the camera made the room look like it had lights on. :(
  14. I do not condone mentally ill children giving free massages.

    No wonder they shut it down.
  15. Its probably wiccans. Possible satanists but I dont know much about their rituals
  16. yes this is forshure a satanic rutial sight, stay away from it! there are many spirits arond there you do not want to invite into your life, ive delt with some in the past
    yes i may sound crazy but OP if youve spent enough time around there(if its a real sight) some wierd shit will happen.

  17. i believe it

  18. Haven't seen it in person yet, when I went im guessing it wasn't there because I went to through every floor. Though im going back to check some other stuff out but if your serious like people say about ouija boards than im stayin away haha.:smoking:

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