is this real?

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  1. my ass is real.
  2. [quote name='"Hali Hostility"']my ass is real.[/quote]

    no, really thank you. for that. I'm glad you took the time to really watch that video and process and really take in all the info comin in at you. :smoking:
  3. Hes not the real one
  4. It hit me like a ton of bricks man.
    Real deep.

    But in allk seroisaness, yesahj i tink its real, noyt very commonb but i dont see hwy it woukld be staged...or how...
  5. Fake. It was promotional stunt by Nokia.

    Trust me. I'm Asian.
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    bitch has a point brahh,

    NEVER call another user here a bitch. - WW
  7. damn he's asian, well I can't argue with that. that video had me cracking up! I thought that shit was real

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