is this real weed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mike_2354, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. hey guys for the past couple of years theres been something that looks exactly like weed growing in my ditch.. im not much of a stoner so i dont no if its marijuana or if its any good... every year my mom burns my ditch since she likes oto get read of dead weeds...well everyyear this grows... the leaves look the exact same but it doesnt budd or at least i dont think it does... it grows little yellow flowers before fall and it hasnt got real tall i can take a pic if u want does anyone no wut it is and if its good?

    heres the pics
  2. looks like a bud plant to me :)
  3. LOL i dont know what bud plants youve been looking at. mike, im afaraid that is not cannabis. altought the leaves are very similar in palmate divsion, the growing habit is completley different. sorry buddy....
    Just Blaze It.....
  4. don't think so, ive seen them before and its not cannabis.
  5. Wtf, that is two weird mutant weed plant things been posted now...anyone know what these things actually are?
  6. I'm sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but that is called potentilla or also known as 'five finger' . Potentillia looks just like pot, but it aint. It is a member of the Rose family. It would be sweet if it were a plant, then you could just wait for it to grow and dig em' up and transplant them. I am here to assure you that, that is NOT wild pot plants. if you think I am messin with ya, then you go ahead and try to smoke that smack. My sister had some growing in her yard and thought it was wild marijuana too. She made the mistake of trying to smoke it:rolleyes: instant headache, no gratification. BUMMER

    psssst.....another good way to tell, a marijuana leaf usually has 7 tips. Those plants look like they have about 5.

    here is a link with pics to your 'plant' Highlands/Flowers/Potentilla simplex.jpg

    That is what the yellow buds you speak of would look like when it completely flowers

    Peace : )
  7. lol wow no offense but ur sisters stupid! evne if it were weed shed be smoking leafs.

  8. I am assuming she smoked the "buds" before the flowers came out...
  9. hey weedwoman they dont have 5 leaves they have 7 just like weed.... im just gunna try and smoke it when it buds (if it buds)... i have never grown my own weed or anything i only buy pre rolled weed so i have no clue what to smoke...if it does i wait for the bud to get a certain colour, then pick it and dry the bud and then smoke it? im a noob lol
  10. heh well if it buds it is weed. no need to worry about that.

    is there any other plant that buds except weed? or other herbal plants?
  11. what would the bud look like? i dont no much about growing weed.. would it be huge like the one in ur signature beside that trippy pic?
  12. No no no...a bud as in a....rose a bud when a flower is still bunched up and not out...

    Do not even attempt to smoke this :rolleyes:
  13. so if it grows a bud (as in a flower before it opens) that means its weed? and y dont u want me to smoke it?
  14. No that's not weed. And you really shouldn't go around smoking flowers either. You never know what the pollens or other chemicals might do to your system/allergies. Sorry dude.

    (and flowers are called "bulbs" before they blossom. just because it grows one doesn't make it marijuana.)
  15. alright...i dint think it was weed but it looks like positive are you that it isnt
  16. how would i no if i can smoke it?
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  18. Seems like it would make a great cover plant to surround a few real plants with these..
  19. im not going to smoke it... i really doubted that it was weed... i just wanted to make sure it wasnt some rare weed that grows wild....thanx for the help tho

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