Is this real weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by ahnope, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. hey guys
    I've already smoked weed but this is only my second time buying it. It feels like weed but it smells weird? i haven't smoked it yet so I can't tell if this gets me high or not
    do you think it's real weed? Screenshot_2014-02-13-15-20-59-11.png

  2. Looks like mids but yeah it will get you high haha have fun
  3. Yeah bro that's weed

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  4. all weed smells weird
  5. You'll feel silly for posting this after you've smoked that bag.
  6. Dont smoke it you'll od
  7. it smells a bit minty I guess but thank you
  8. As long as it doesn't smell like oregano, you're gucci.
  9. :smoke: blaze that shit
  10. its trees, not the best but it should do the job.
  11. hahahah thank you everyone 
  12. The best way to test to see if it's real weed imo is to carefully take 3-4 drops of your urine and put it on every bud you have... then if it makes it smell worst then your weed is good and just light it up right away and extra peepee is never bad either :p

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  13. sure hahah
  14. From where I'm sitting I'm gonna say no. It looks like a pic of weed. Don't smoke pics of weed. Them shits is harsh!
    its the plastic in the pic that's harsh...just cut out the plastic parts... :laughing:
  16. Yeah that's weed for sure, have fun man.

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  17. You think they smoke harsh 'cause my resolution on my printer is too low? :laughing:
  18. definitely trees. Not the best stuff, but it's trees.

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