is this real bud. looks like legal buds..

Discussion in 'General' started by ralphlauren93, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. just picked up some supposedly exotic shit. it smells like dirt. feels like dirt. looks like bud..

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  2. Could just be crappy weed that looks alright. It happens sometimes.
  3. Looks water cured.

  4. how much did you pay? you got that from you dealer? I have seen some shitty bud get passed on as not-so good kind.
  5. well i just rolled up like 1/4 of a blunt just to test it out. ill let yall know if its burns good..
    wish me luck. lol
  6. my friend was just telling me water curing before he left for work, but from the sounds of it and looks, it could be water cured. Smoke it and tell us what the smoke smells like and if you get high?
  7. woah

    i dunno

    smoke it and tell us wats up
  8. i got it for $20 a g.
    didnt get it from the grower. around here people buy pounds and sell them back for profit.
  9. If it doesnt taste like much and the ash is mainly white it is probably just water cured bud. Nothing wrong with that just an easy way to make you bud smokable after a week of harvest.
  10. heyy so i just got done smoking this. and i actually learned something today!!!
    and i should tell uits pretty good.. its water cured thats all.. i kind of like the feel
    u feel more earthy. smells like soil too..!! well im high
  11. takes out all the carciogens and ferts that is still left in the bud, would you reccommend more growers do this?
  12. I'm not sure, from your pictures, that that's cannabis, because of the nature and quantity of the hairs. Could be water cured as well though. Smoke it.
  13. I can't be water cured if it smells like dirt because water curing takes all the smell out of it.

    There can be good weed that smells like shit.
  14. glad to see you bought the real stuffs and not 'dirt' for 20$ a gram.
  15. :smoking::smoking:
    yeah its pretty good. really nature ish..:smoking: i recommend growers to water :smoking:cure maybe 15% of their :smoking:crop.. i kind of like it..:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  16. Only bad thing is that a lot of people will see that it has little to no smell and a lot less trics which a lot of misinformed people will assume it is bad weed.

    People who buy weed usually do one of two things first. Smell it or look for a lot of trics.
  17. true. u just need alot of rep so people can trust u wen ur selling this.:smoking:
  18. lol that's awesome.

    yea I've seen some pretty dense/dark looking completely organic buds before that have looked similar.

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