Is this ready to harvest?

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    "Dream Queen" (sativa dominant hybrid) grown from bagseed. Very small plant, less than 2 feet.
    It's missing the red hairs on the top as they fell out when a light fell on it, but the lower few buds are at about 50% red. The trichs, as seen in the second image are mostly cloudy with a mix of amber.
    What do you say, harvest or wait longer?

  2. You could harvest that now if you want judging by the trich pic. Nice and cloudy with a little bit of amber is how I usually like mine. :smoke:
  3. You know what they say... When you think she is ready wait another week to chop! :D if your hurting to get some smoke asap then chop her she is ready to go but if you wanna be patient you might get a little more weight. 
  4. As someone who has smoked a lot of weed, and I mean a lot, I find that swollen calyxes and degraded trichs taste much better than hairy, leafy nugs with more white trichs. Personal preference though.
  5. I myself also prefer overmature bud much more than just mature.
  6. looks ripe to me from the trics
  7. Hmmmm ima have to split my harvest now to try this over mature stuff...
  8. Over mature is over rated. The wrinkles, them calling you hun and sweety... Oh! The plants, right! They look good to me.
  9. Where did you take the pic of the trics? What part of the plant? And what location, upper, middle or lower? Just because there's amber in 1 spot doesn't mean much.
  10. The pic was from a sugar leaf from the top bud. I've looked at other locations as well, and they're mostly cloudy.
    So....... I decided to test a bud lower on the cola via quick dry in the oven. It's not as harsh nor taste as bad as I thought it would, but holy shit was I much higher than I expected. The bud I got this from gave me a mildly heady high with a good body buzz. This smoke however was not well balanced- it was all THC, no apparent CBD or CBN that I enjoy for the mellowing effect before bed. Needless to say, I'm gonna give the top cola another week and the lower buds another 2 or 3.
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    Look at the bud itself, that's what you're smoking. Sugar leaves and the top buds will turn faster then the buds on the rest of the plant. Sugar leaves aren't the best way to judge. The pistils in the pic don't look 50% amber too me, unless the pic is deceiving, nor have they receded. You may have more time then you think
  12. Pistils dont mean anything bro some strains can be very well ready yet still popping out new pistils. Trichs dont lie
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    I know that bro, too some extent they're not. Pistils are an indicator however. But being the pistils are white and un-receded is an indicator that it's not time. Like you said it could still be popping out white pistols. The op said they're 50% red I said it doesn't look like that in the pic
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    i would like to refer you to this. You'll see it posted all over gc as a guide as when to harvest. Please refer to the parts about the white hairs. Tricomes are the best way to tell, yes. But there is other indicators also. Such as the color of the pistils, rather they've receded or not, and over all appearance of the bud. I know several growers that can just look at a bud and tell when to harvest by these indicators. I'm not 1 of them. But I don't even look at trics anymore until certain indicators are hit. It's something you'll learn as you grow more and more. I believe you're still on you're 1st, maybe 2nd grow, you're 1st being only started a couple months ago. Give it a few grows and you'll notice this also. Have you harvested a grow by chance?

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