Is this ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kanvict, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. The trichromes look cloudy to me, been in flower since January 16 so it's been 60 dAys. Strain is barneys farm LSD.

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  2. All the trichs along the top ridge of the leaf in the middle of the first picture are clear.  At least a week, probably two. But I harvest half/half amber or more sometimes.
  3. This was supposed to be a quick flowering strain lol I guess I'll wait it out two more weeks for the buds to fatten up

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  4. Wait a week at least maybe longer. You will notice that the hairs of the plant will start to retract into the calyx of the buds and the hairs will change to a more orange/amber. You want to pick the buds before the hairs retract to far into the plants and pop the seed pods but any time before then when the buds look nice and some of the thrichomes have turned amber its time to pick. 
  5. I've been growing this exact strain.
    i can tell from the pics that it's not ready, because I can see the out of focus pistils are still quite fluffy and pale.  Wait for those to turn orange.
    My own experience is that from the day I put them in the tent, they take 70-75 days, and that's been true for about 10 plants over 4 grows.
    However, this strain doesn't have a very stable phenotype, so your own plants may take more or less time to mature as part of the natural variation.  Even so, I'd say probably a week to go.  They do get a lot more dense when you wait those extra few days.
  6. Just to say, if you cure it nicely the smoke is very nice, and it's a good active high not couchy at all.  If you cut off a small bud and dried it out today and smoked it, you'd probably find it quite racy although a little harsh to smoke.
  7. That's another one of my plants, what do you guys think?

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  8. I jus created a thread n asked the same question
    Mine been in flower since January 20th

    The High Life
  9. you need to look at the buds, not the leaves.

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