is this ready for harvest !

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  1. Hi grass city
    Is this auto northern light ready for harvest i recently bought a microscope for trichomes and they all look cloudy but the bud on plant does not really look ready it is 66 days how much longer should i leave it let me know !
    sorry about low quality of picturers.

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  2. let it go another week or two. Its hard to tell with those pics but it looks like the pistils are still white, they tend to turn brownish orange and recede into the bud when mature. Remember the last 2 weeks is when the buds really pack on some weight. Good rule of thumb is if your not sure give it another week. Oh and good job, be safe
  3. watch the trichs, once they start ambering up its mature
  4. thanks for this information
  5. Listen to these guys. Wait till you get some amber in there. You are def good to start your flush though. If your all cloudy, you should be at about 20-30% amber in another 1-2 weeks.

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