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Is this quality bud worth 15 a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DanKnStickyy, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I'm paying 15 a gram for bud that looks like this in my area? Am I getting a good deal? Btw this is my last nug :( Gonna smoke it tonight :smoke:


  2. Yeah I'd say it's worth it
  3. Yeah bro, it looks like pretty good bud and people around where I live definitely will pay 15 or 20 for that
  4. Looks like dank.. Worth it definitely
  5. HELL FUCKING YES! :smoking:
  6. glows.:cool:
  7. it looks alright
  8. Alright, thanks guys! It's a good high. I mellow out then my face get's numb, Then everything looks cooler, then I get munchies, then my body goes numb so i sit and play video games or watch tv, then passout :)

    Oh and I get the giggles bad sometimes from this bud!
  9. Haha sounds like some nice relaxing bud.
    I read this and it made me wanna smoke, so now I gotta pack me a little bowl of hash and sativa dank ;)
  10. i thought this would be another retard overpaying for mids but obviously ur new to smoking and if ur paying 15 bucks a gram for bud that looks that fresh and green with hairs? your lucky bro lol. when i first started it was brick weed and it wasnt cheap

  11. The bowl I'm packing atm is to you then! :smoke:
  12. Around here I'd pay $20 bucks for that, so I'd say hell yeah it's worth it! Seriously, 15 is not bad at all...
  13. looks good to me.

    how was it?

  14. i will be having some sativa smoke in about 9 weeks! can't wait till my plants finish!!

  15. Just finished my first bowl of the night, This taste a little fruity. It's Nice I like it.
  16. ^^LUCKY ASS! :rolleyes:
  17. Thats good bud
    Your lucky to buy it for 15 a gram!:hello:
  18. looks goood to me. top shelf around here is 9-15 a gram
  19. good pick up def looks worth the 15 :smoke:
  20. I gotta pay $20 a g where I'm from and the stuff I get is prolly on the high end of mids to low end dank

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