Is this pro-pot legalization flier ready for people's windshields in Nevada?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by green4bud, May 23, 2006.

  1. i appreciate your help greatly!:hello:
  2. if you are planning on doing a flyer campaign i'd say make several fliers. this one is good. but it might not convince many people. you have to attack from different angles and hope that one of them reaches your target.
  3. I say jazz it up a little bit more it is kinda plain. Good luck man
  4. yeah. I'd put it on my car, if I had one.
  5. i do fliers for my business all the time. in my experience, the simpler the flier, the better it works.
  6. Shows what I know about fliers but i would vote yes without the flier and if it passes I might move to nevada
  7. if i were to leave jersey i'd probably go to colorado. there i think it's something like an oz. it's not legal, but the fine is something like a minor traffic ticket. (this is my understanding, correct me if i'm wrong)
  8. I say go with it, The worst that could happen is people ignore it, but its good information GOOD LUCK
  9. yah man good luck...i wish i could put somethin lke that together in arkansas
  10. Its good, I would somewhere put boldly "Marijuana smokers are not Criminals"
  11. Maybe some other facts on a different flier
  12. i think it looks sick
  13. make a flyer with more info lol. like with allla the myths and stuff. i am gunna go to a fuckin kinkos type place and print out SOOOOOOOO man y of these and get northtown loaded up with em. i'll help ur movement dude. i live here in northtown and us people in fuckin norht las vegas are gunna vote and the people that arent gunna vote will get notified once i post these lol good i dead green4bud
  14. Or ask NORML if you could borrow a slogan, "Take marijuana out of the hands of criminals." or something along those lines... I've always liked that.
  15. I would say put a link to NORML or something similar where people could research more. This would perhaps spark their intrest to read up on it more.
  16. I would also add on there something about how the prisons are overflowing with nonviolent drug offenders, who are costing taxpayers a lot of money. If we stop sending people to jail over MJ, they will save tax dollars!
  17. "Minor drug offenders fill your prisons
    You don't even flinch
    All our taxes paying for your wars
    Against the new non-rich,"

  18. There are so many things you can say that its impossible to fit it into one flyer. You could also say how you cant OD on weed and you cant be physically addicted. A good link to put on there would be

  19. yeah that is cool
  20. i live in reno nevada

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