is this pot big enough

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  1. Hey do you guys think this pot will be big enough for my plant or should i get a bigger one?

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  2. the size of the container seems fine.
    how many nodes are on that?
    and it looks like you'll want to be some clipping before you start to flower that, the bottom stem are never going to get enough light to go beyond fluff.
  3. Depends on how big you want your plant to get.
    I have had many-a-harvest from pots that size.
  4. looks good to me, if your worried about root space let that dry out then take it out and fill in with more dirt so the dirt line is all the way to the top, you have a few more inches to use there.
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  6. Hey 420G, how come plant #2 is yellowing and plant #1 looks nice and green?
  7. i dont know..but look at the first picture see how some of the leaves are curling does anyone know why?
  8. what kind of light you giving it? my plants used to do the "curling" from pic #1 when i used CFL for mirco grows. mine did such because its trying to get as much light as it can possible get.

    edit: picture #2 looks yellow because it the reflection off the leaves from the light.
  9. Curling tips are pretty common, they usually mean a deficiency in some nutrient...are you using nutes?
  10. yea i was using nutes but i havnt used them in a while cus it had bad nute burn a little while ago...
  11. oh and im using 3 150 watt cfls
  12. 3? hmm...thats no it then, prolly the nutes like lizard said, its prolly just a shock for the plant to switch off of them. when is see something like that. ill ussally try a flush for a couple of days to a week.
  13. if they were burned I would just leave em alone for awhile and let them catch up, they're prolly a tad bit stressed, but nothing to worry about too much, I've had much worse.
  14. much do u guys think this plant will yeild?
  15. damn lots of factors to that question

    how many nodes do you plan on keeping during flower?
    how long are you going to keep it in flower?
    whats the strain?
    are you planning to top it off?
    are you going to use a blossom nute?

    too hard to answer....

  16. Which one, the yellowed one? Curling like that is from some type of watering stress.
  17. My bad, I was told before it was because of nutrient deficiency.
  18. its just bagseed and yeah im gna use blossom nutes..and ill keep it in flowering for 8 weeks..and wat do u mean by top it off..and i water it when the top of the soils dry so i dnt over water it so maybe its underwatering i dno...

  19. Nute deficiency or toxicities might cause curling too but, usually I think it is watering troubles. I have seen much worse curling then that and I think your plant is fine. 420G has your fertilizing schedule been up to this point? I wonder if that yellow one is from the nute burn from a while ago or if it is now N deficient. As long as it is not getting any worse you are ok.
  20. before the leaves were turning yellow and falling off and when i stoped adding nutes for a few days it stoped and just those leaves that were yellow stayed yellow but no diffrent ones so it hasnt got anyworse its just been the same but now i got another problem do u know what this is from?

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