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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by XxMFDoomxX, May 27, 2010.

  1. So i have roughly like 2 and a half months cause i dont want to be hauling plants in my car lol. Could i push the plants to bud in this time?
  2. Only if they are ready to go into their final pot size, or flower, right now.
  3. Another question can i do SOG without clones?
  4. yes, but long term it would be extremely inefficient.
  5. Hmm im wondering then if maybe i should just grow like 2-3 plants and scrog them? or would i still get better results with sog?
  6. same potential, just SOG is easier to pull off and with smaller veg times, especially in larger canopies.
  7. This probably wouldnt be a long term thing just for the 2 months im moved away in summer well like 2 and a half months and i figured i could get like what?....2 Harvest maybe so sog looks better. But another question do you know if i was using cfl's is there like a chart for wattage to sq ft?
  8. 2 and a half months is enough time for 1 harvest, and that's only if you have plants already in veg.

    50 watts per square foot is the golden rule afaik, never flowered with flouro.
  9. Make sure you get fast flowering strains. Push them into flower a week earlier than you think you should just to be safe. Having to harvest early will give you terrible bud.
  10. I'll put a seedling into flower if I dont have anything else flowering. Empty flower tents give me the sad.

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