Is this possible?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by medmaryjane, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I am in my second week of flowering 15 plants I have grown from seed. They are definitely showing their sex and as it looks today I swear 14 of them are female. Is this even possible? I expected about 8 to 9 to be females. Now I have a crowding issue in my 4 x 4 growroom. So to fix this I am going to use 4 florescent in another room to flower 6 of the females, leave 6 in the 4 x 4 under the HPS lights and keep one mother in a seperate area. Is it ok to do this. The florescents are T12 full spectrums with an output of 2250 lumens for a total of 9000 lumens. Will they flower ok under these lights?
  2. yeah its possible, if i threw some dice i would eventually get yahtzee, its hard to get yahtzee but its possible just like most of your plants bein female
    and yeah its ok to do it , just try to not crowd the plants and the other lights will work fine just not as good as your other light but it will work fine
  3. I planted 10 seeds and got 9 males once you got extremely lucky

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