is this possible?

Discussion in 'General' started by xmodnarx, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. is it possible and heard of the get an ounce of weed for about 130 dollars form a source friend says he can...thnks
  2. umm here you can.... dunno about were you are, but i would think yea, but prolly not nugs or anything.
  3. Here,( the southern U.S.), I can get excellent weed for $80 an oz. It depends on where you are, AND who you know.
  4. $100-140 an ounce is all I can find really. I've met a coupla people off these boards (not in person yet) and I'm hoping they can help me out with finding some good shit though. :D
    I dunno about the "once you smoke good bud you will never want to go back" thing.. cause the $140 an o gets me hiiiigh. Gets my friends stonnnned.. so, eh.
  5. yo dude whats ur sn any of in mass its like and ,my friends chipped in to buy about 1/2 of middie for iu think about other friend says he can get me good middie from a "source" liek the fitrst person in the line...weed hasbnt gone through hesays he can do i was just woundering if its possible to get that good a price around here where its expensive...and what are ur screennames for aim mine is mike59271 obviously
  6. lol i kinda got the same feeling lol
  7. as everyone else just said... it all depends where ya are and who ya know....plain and simple...

    or you could get the best budd on earth for free....

    just grow your own. :D
  8. ^ yea growings a good idea..... just takes awhile and some work but has a great pay off!
  9. i got offered an ounce for 50$ of AAA budd.....but i still couldnt afford it
  10. I live in New England, I pay about 50 for 1/8 of nuggets. It sucks. Maybe its just because I get it off bastards who jack up the price alot. Bastards. I have heard from someone I know in AZ that an ounce of really good shit goes for 100 that would be sweet to get up here.

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