is this possible? need advice please.

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  1. i was talking to someone about their grow chamber and they can only grow their plants 24 inches tall and they say they can pull more or less 2oz per plant. is this possible? even with a medium - high yielding strain?

    and also would you produce more bud with a chamber taller than it is wider or the other way around? for example which would pull more bud out of these two diff dimensions in your opinion. both are going to hold 10-14 plants under a 400 watt hps. i have these areas available in 2 diff locations and need to know which would be best.

    24 inch high grow space, 48 inch wide, 30 inch deep.


    32 inch high grow space, 30 inch wide, 20 inch deep.
  2. I'd go taller and wider if I had the choice. If I had to pick, I'll take wider and use cooler lights. This way, you can SCROG or SOG plants and grow them faster, shorter, and wider, but still put out some good buds.

    If you are height challenged, heat becomes an issue. You can't just throw up a non air-cooled HPS lamp a couple inches from your plants without cooking them. THESE LIGHTS will do the job instead. Because they are a special type of CFL, they do not produce as much heat as a HID, but each one of them still cranks out nearly 9,000 lumens of 6500K light, so you can still do a decent grow with them.
  3. Are you selling thoes growing lights? If so im interested in one . If you are pm me .
  4. 24 inch tall GROWSPACE is a lot different than a 24 inch plant. With a 24 inch tall growspace you have to keep in mind that your pots and your light are going to take up A LOT of room. For instance, say you use a 3 gallon pot. Average heighth of a 3 gal pot is probably... 12-14" tall (I'm just kind of throwing that out as a good guess... I don't feel like getting up and actually checking). And then you'll have your 400w hps. In this small of a space an air cooled hood would be most proper. And that's going to take up at least a good 6 inches.

    Now saying that you can get your plants 3 inches from your air cooled hood, let's do the math. 24 - 12 - 6 - 3 = 3 inch tall plants. Which is obviously too small.

    Now for the other grow space that is 32" tall.

    32 - 12 - 6 - 3 = 15 inch tall plants.

    With good LST, you can achieve this, but personally I wouldn't want to. With a 400w hps, you've got to have some good ventilation in that small of space.

    But like the guy above me said, I'd probably go with CFLs in that small of space. HID's get really fucking hot without air-cooling.

  5. No, I'm not. That's my buddy's store. He owns a hydro shop and I finally convinced him to put those lights up on his Ebay store - as you can see, he doesn't list much of his inventory there. The only stuff he has there is stuff I talked him into listing so when I posted answers to questions here, I could link them to the stuff I was talking about. He says he'll eventually put more stuff up there, we'll see :)

    Here's the link to his Ebay shop:

    These are lights that I've used (and still use) many times and they are great. I have a bunch I use to light up my whole yard, and then a bunch more I use to grow things with. Even in my cabs with my HPS lights, I use these to add a little side lighting and blue spectrum. Now that he carries the 85W and 100W models, I'll probably (eventually) start switching them out for the higher wattages.
  6. Alright thanks ill definatley buy one of two of them lights and maybe a blower in the near future.:)

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